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In 1 and 1/4 there are 5 quarter.

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Q: How many quarters are in 1 and 1 fourth?
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How many quarter are in 1 million?

The unit ratio for quarters (one-fourth of something) is 4:1Since there are 4 quarters to 1 of whatever you want to refer to, that means for a unit of 1 million, there are 4 million quarters.


One quarter in a fourth.

What is three and one half plus one and three fourths?

14 quarters plus 7 quarters = 21 quarters= 5 and a quarter (1 quarter is 1 fourth)

How many quarters are in liter?

A quarter is one fourth part of anything.

How many fourths are in 6?

A fourth is the same thing as a quarter. 1/4 = 25%. Each 1 has 4 quarters in it, so 6 has 6*4 quarters in it, 24.

What is half of one and a fourth teaspoons?

A fourth is normally called a quarter. One and a quarter is 5 quarters. Half of that is 2 1/2 quarters. Turn them into eighths and you get 5 eighth.

How many quarters are there in 1 and a half?

6 quarters

How much is 11.5 in quarters?

11.5 = x * (1/4)11.5 * 4 = x * (1/4) * 446 = x, 46 quarters (a quarter is a fourth (1/4))

How many quarters are there in 1 and 3 quarters?


How many quarters 9?

when 4 quarters is 1 then 36 quarters is 9

How many quarters in middle school basketball?

There are four quarters in middle school basketball. A "quarter", by definition is one fourth of the whole. So, there are four quarters in the game.

How many quarters does it take to make a roll of 10?

A $10 roll of quarters contains 40 quarters. Think about it. Quarter means one fourth of a dollar. 4 quarters to 1 dollar, 40 quarters for 10 dollars.

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