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9/12 = 3/4 or three quarters.

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Q: How many quarters are in nine twelves?
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What is nine twelves as a percentage?

9 twelves = 108 = 10,800%

How many inches are in nine three fourths ft?

one hundred eight and nine twelves

How many twelves are in three fourths?

There are nine twelfths in three fourths

What is the equivalent fraction of eighty twelves?

Eighty twelves is nine hundred and sixty.

How many quarters in nine?


What is nine twelves put in a percentage?


What is nine twelves equal to as a decimal?


What is nine twelves simplified?


What is four twelves minus nine twelves?

(4*12) minus (9*12) = -60

How many quarters are there in 2 and one quarter?

Nine. there are four quarters in one, so therefore, two has eight quarters, plus one extra makes nine quarters.

What is the answer to 3 quarters plus 7 twelfths?

Sixteen twelves OR one and two twelves 16/12 = 14/12 = 11/3

Is 3 Quarters equal to 8 twelves?

No. 3/4 = 9/12

What are equivalent fraction to nine twelves?


What is the simplest fraction to nine twelves?


What is nine-twelves equal to?

9/12= 3/4

What is equal to three fourths?

six eighths nine twelves

Is nine twelves greater than three fourths?

No, they are equivalent.

How much is nine quarters worth?

Nine quarters adds up to $2.25.

How many months are there in three quarters of a year?

Nine months !

What fraction is greater seven eighths or nine twelves?

seven eights

Is the fraction nine eighteenths bigger than six twelves?

They are equivalent.

How many twelfths make three quarters?

nine twelfths

If you go by twelve how many twelves are in 100 yard?

25 twelves.

What is the smallest percentages 3 quarters 5 sixths 7 twelves?

7/12 is the smallest at 58.33%

What decimal is equivalent to nine twelves?

9/12 = 3/4 = 0.75