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Six of them.

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Q: How many quarters equals three halves?
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How many times is thee quarters contained in four halves?

four halves/three quarters = 2/0.75 = 22/3

How many quarters in a soccer game?

there are halves, not quarters. There are 2 halves.

Three quarters mile plus three quarters mile equals how many miles?

One and a half miles.

How many quarters are in two halves?


7 quarts equals how many gallons?

one and three quarters

What is three quarters of a pound equals how many ounces?

12 ounces.

How many quarters or halves in NBA basketball?


Three quarters of a pound equals how many ounces?

12 12 oz

How many quarters in a college basketball game?

It's not quarters it 2 20 minute halves

How many quarters are in a soccer match?

There are no quarters in Association Football, a match is divided into two halves.

How many quarters are in women's lacrosse?

In Women's Lacrosse the game is divided into halves instead of quarters.

How many halves are in a football game?

Two 30 minute Halves. Four 15 Minute Quarters

How many halves in three halves?


How many halves in 3 halves?


22 ounces equals how many cups?

That would be two and three quarters cups.

How many eighths equal three quarters?

6/8 equals 3/4

How many ounces of cottage cheese equals three quarters of a cup?

6 oz.

3 sticks butter equals how many pounds?

three quarters of one pound

How many quarters are in three quarters?

There are three quarters in three quarters.

How many quarters do a soccer team have?

None, soccer is separated in halves.

How many grains in three quarters ounce?

3/4 ounce equals 328.125 grains.

How many cups are in three quarters of a liter?

3/4 liter equals about 3.17 cups.

45 minutes equals how many hours?

It equals .75 or three quarters of a hour. This is because 45 divided by 60 (minutes in a hour) equals .75.

How many halves are in three and five tenths?

Number of halves in three and five tenths is 7

How many halves are there in half of six?

half of six is three -so there are six halves in three.