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A nickel is 5 cents so 25 nickels is 25*5 = 125 cents.

A quarter is 25 cents so 125 cents = 125/25 = 5 coins.

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Q: How many quarters makes 25 nickels?
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7.25 in quarters and nickels there are 5 more quarters than nickels how many quarters and nickels are there?

25 quarters, 20 nickels.

How many nickels does 5 quarters equal?

5 quarters * 5 nickels/quarter = 5 * 5 nickels = 25 nickels

How many nickels are in 5 quarters?

There are 25 nickels in 5 quarters. 5 quarters is $1.25. Try dividing 125 by 5, and see what you get.

How many quarters does lee have if he has 25 nickels?

5 * 25 = 125 cents 125 cents/25 cents = 5 quarters =========

How many combinations of 0.95 are possible with quarters dimes and nickels?

There are 25 of them.

How many nickels are equal in value to 20 quarters?

A nickel is 5 cents and a quarter is 25 cents so there are five times as many nickels as quarters in any amount. That means 20 quarters is the same as 20*5 = 100 nickels.

A collection of nickels and quarters is worth 1 25 There are 13 coins in all How many of each coin are there?

Ten (10) nickels and Three (3) quarters.

What is ratio to nickels to quarters in a dollar?

A dollar is 100 cents, a quarter is 25 cents, and a nickel is 5 cents. Thus a dollar is composed of 4 (100/25) quarters, or 20 (100/5) nickels. Therefore there are 5 times as many nickels in a dollar as there are quarters. Another way to look at it is to say that there are 5 nickels in a quarter, so there are 5 times as many nickels as quarters in any amount.

How many quarters are equal to eighteen dimes and nine nickels?

9 Quarters are equal to eighteen dimes and nine nickels. Eighteen dimes equal to $1.80. Nine nickels equal to 25 cents. So $1.80 + 25 cents = $2.25 You need exactly 9 quarters.

How much is 2 quarters and 2 nickels?

2 nickels = 5+5 = 10 cents 2 quarters= 25+25= 50 cents therefore 50+10=60 so 2 quarters and 2 nickels is 60 cents

How many ways can you make 40 cents with dimes nickels and quarters?

More than 25.

2 dollars and 10 nickels equals how many quarters?

A quarter is 25 cents. Two dollars is 200 cents and 10 nickels is 50 cents, for a total of 250 cents. That's the same as 250/25 = 10 quarters.

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