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the standard is 4 quarts when changing fluid and filter

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Q: How many quarts of automatic fluid goes back in Saturn SL1?
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How many quarts of oil Saturn ion 04?

5 quarts (as stated in the back of the owner's manual)

How many quarts of fluid do you need to put back in when you have changed your transmission fluid in a 1996 4.9 liter ford f150?

about 7 quarts

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 89 Cutlass Ciera hold?

An 89 Cutlass Ciera holds 7.4 quarts of transmission fluid. When servicing the vehicle, a portion of the fluid remains in the transmission and will not be added back.

Where is the automatic transmission fluid dipstick on a 1995 mustang?

its on the back passenger side of the motor! hope this helps!

Where is the resevior for rear window washer fluid in 2003 Saturn vue?

The 2003 Saturn rear window washer fluid reservoir is located in the cargo compartment. The reservoir will be behind the drivers side panel, near the back door.

How do you change the transmission fluid of and automatic on a 2000 Ford Escort ZX2?

There is a drain plug similar to the oil drain plug. After draining, you will also need to remove the fluid pan and remove the filter. New filter and gasket, then reinstall the fluid pan, fill the tx back up to 5.1 quarts and check for leaks before letting the car down.

How do you check and refill the transmission fluid in an 1998 automatic Pontiac Sunfire?

There is a trans dip stick on the back side of the engine. This is where you add fluid also. GoodluckJOe

How do you check your automatic transmission fluid on a Renault clio rxe auto?

The automatic transmission has a dipstick that is located near the back of the engine. It is underneath the hood and has a red handle.

How much fluid of what type is needed to change the transmission on a 1989 Honda Accord LXi automatic and is there a filter to change?

Any Dextron II compatible fluid will work. The back of the bottle will show compatibilities. The capacity is 3.2 quarts, same as the crankcase (engine oil) capacity. Do not use engine oil, that is for MANUAL transmissions only.

What is the transmission fluid capacity for a 98 bravada?

When changing the transmission fluid and filter of a car, it is best to know how much transmission fluid goes back into the car. The 1998 Bravada takes close to 12 quarts of transmission fluid to fill.

Have probes come back from Saturn?

No probes have come back from Saturn.

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 1996 ford explorer?

Through the automatic transmission fluid dipstick tube , at the back of your engine , slightly to the left ( looking from the front of the Explorer ) by the firewall

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