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I took a test that had 35 questions. I got a 91%, how many did I miss?

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โˆ™ 2011-11-12 13:32:21
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Q: How many question have you got wrong if you go 91 percent of 35?
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What percent did you get if you got 3 question wrong out of20?


What grade would you get if you got 1 question wrong on a test?

It depends how many points each question is worth. If each question is worth five points on a twenty question test, you would get ninety-five percent.

If i got 3 questions wrong and that was six percent how many questions are there?


How many questions did I get wrong on a 44 question test if my final grade was 88 percent?

Assuming that each question carries the same one mark: 88% right = 100% - 88 % wrong = 12 % wrong → 12 % of 44 = 12/100 × 44 = 5.28 wrong Assuming that your percentage right was truncated (and not rounded to 89% to the nearest whole number), you got 5 wrong.

How many questions did you miss out of 25 if you got 96 percent?

Just one question, and I reckon it was the question about percentages!

How meny lemon sharks got killed?

you spelled the question wrong its many not "meny"

How many questions did you miss out of 43 if you got 58 percent on the test?

You might not have missed any - you just got nearly half of them wrong.

How many questions did you miss out of 35 if you got a 75 percent?

If all 35 questions were worth the same credit and you got a 75 percent,then you put down the wrong answer for 83/4 questions.

What is the percent if you got 19 wrong out of 88 questions?


If you got one question wrong out 25 what would percentage be?

4% wrong

How many questions did you miss if you got a 76 percent on a 75 question test?

If every question was worth the same credit, you missed 18 of them.

What percent of questions were answered correctly if you got twelve wrong and there are forty questions?

If there are forty and you got twelve wrong, then you got twenty-eight correct. 28 out of 40 = 70%

If you answer 75 questions and 10 was wrong. What percent do you got?

You got 131/3 % wrong and 862/3 % correct. Obviously it was not a math test.

If alwex got 83 percent right in his spellings what percentage did he get wrong?

100-83 = 17% wrong spellings

How come you got my last question wrong?

What was your last question? I did not answer it, but I might be a bit of assistance.

What percent of questions were answered correctly if you got 4 wrong out of 16?


What is the percent of the answer if you got 54 out of 66 question right?


How many pages does What Darwin Got Wrong have?

What Darwin Got Wrong has 288 pages.

If you missed 3 questions on an sol tesst with 50 questions what would you get?

3/50 = 0,06 = 6 percent wrong, which means you get 100 - 6 = 94 % correct answers. Also it depends on how many you got wrong, so if you got 5 wrong you would get an 84.

If i took a 80 question test and got 64 correct what is the percent that i got correct?


How many questions did you miss if you got a 64 on a 20 question test?

If all the questions were worth the same amount and 100 percent was a perfect score, then each question would be worth five points and getting seven wrong would get you a 65. Since you got a 64, there must be some scoring information that you neglected to tell us.

If you had 86 questions on a test and got 83 correct how many problems did you answer correctly?

83. You may have typed the question wrong.

14 questions incorrectly out of 350 question what percent of the question did she answer incorrectly?

She got 4% incorrect.

What percent of questions were answered correctly if you got two wrong in thirty questions?

92 %

What is your grade if you got 25 percent wrong?

It is a 75%, which is a C in most grading systems.