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You can get 63 questions wrong and get 70%.

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How many questions can you get wrong on a 150 question exam and receive 70 percent?

Provided that all 150 exam questions are weighted equally, then 105 correct responses is 70%.

How much questions can you get wrong on your fireguard exam?

All of them - if you are bad enough. You will not pass, but that was not a requirement of the question.

There were 40 questions on an exam i got 28 how much did i get wrong?

40 minus 28 = 12 were wrong

Where can you find the question to the ca life and health exam?

Where can I find the questions to the Ca. Life and Health exam?

Deck cadet exam questin?

There are many questions on the Deck Cadet exam if you have a specific question we can help find an answer.

Where you can get the leaked question paper for tamilnadu 11th std distric level common exam 2014 biology?

stop asking such wrong questions here or anywhere for that matter. Study hard

Is there a family guy episode where someone accidentally sits the wrong exam?

"where someone accidentally sits the wrong exam" ??? Um... what? Perhaps you should rephrase this and perhaps someone can answer your question.

What are the causes of exam failure?

not studying or revising nerves not reading the question properly so you give the wrong answer not understanding the subject turning up for the exam on the wrong day or time!

What does the AINS 21 exam consist of How many questions are on the exam and what types of questions are on the exam?

85 Multiple choice questions, and you have 2 hours to complete the exam.

How can I find which questions I got wrong on a 10 question multiple choice quiz with only 5 tries and it doesn't tell you which ones are wrong just the percentage?

You would have too ask the person who set the exam. However - they don't HAVE to tell you.

If you got 21 questions incorrect on an 85 question exam what is the test score?


How many questions are on the bar exam?

There are 200 questions on a bar exam

AWS model question papers?

Top 5 sets for AWS cloud parctitioner practice exam questions just go to google and search-> firebase questions exam training

What is the common questions on board exam?

Dmitri Mendeleev's demerit is the common question in all the exam's,

How much is each question worth on an exam with 35 questions?

If you make the assumption - without any justification - that all questions are worth the same, then each one is worth 1/35 of the total for the exam.

If you have a 55 percent average and your exam is 20 percent of your average how many questions do i need correct on the exam to pass?

That depends on what is passing grade? Is it 60%? Then 0.80 (.55) + .20 (x) = .60 .44 + .20X = .6 .20X = .16 x = .80 That means you need to get 8 of every 10 questions right to get 60 percent average.

What is the US History AP Exam Format?

There are 80 multiple choice questions, 2 FRQ's(fact based questions), and 1 DBQ(document question.) If you are taking the APUSH Exam then I wish you the best of luck! :)

How many questions in ccna1 final exam?

There are 50 questions in ccna1 final exam.

You want question paper of NET exam chemistry?

You will receive the actual current questions when you sit the examination.

How many points would each question be on a 40 question exam?

Questions on a test do not always have the same point value. The answer cannot be determined.

On the exam or in the exam?

In the exam - I couldn't answer many questions in the exam. During the exam - During the exam I fell asleep. Probably not on the exam.

Are there any Football referee's exam questions?

Referees must take an exam. The exams do have questions on them.

What is the exam pattern?

Exam pattern deals with the number of questions and the marks distribution along with the type of questions asked. It is the format of any exam.

How many questions on APUSH exam?

There are 80-multiple choice questions on the APUSH exam in which you have 55 minutes to complete (0.69 minutes per question). There is also 2 FRQ's (Free-Response Questions) and 1 DBQ (Document-Based Question) in which you have 130 minutes to complete including the mandatory 15 minute pre-reading section.

What is the geosphere composed of?

o.0 good question im doing a exam on flvs and thats one of the questions