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how many questions can you miss on the ase test

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Q: How many questions can you miss on ase tests?
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How many tests can be taken at each ASE certification testing session?


Where can I find a good study guide to help me get ASE certified?

Many websites and bookstores will have books, study guides, and other ASE certification resources available for purchase that will help you pass the ASE tests. I would check websites and local bookstores for the exact ASE certification help I need.

How many questions can you get wrong on an ase test?

You can get them all wrong. You won't pass the test, but that is not a requirement of the question.

Do you have to go to school to get ASE certified or can you just use your work history?

you have to pass tests ASE puts out there are several brakes/ transmiton/engine repair ect.

Does miss Claus have the same coths ase santa Claus?

yes but it is a dress

What is the passing score for a ASE test?

80% is a passing score or 48 out of 60 questions

Do you need a masters degree to be a mchaninc for cars?

No just vocational training and passing tests to become ASE certified. Many dealerships also have training programs in community colleges.

Are there extra requirements to getting a certificate in ASE in Detroit, Michigan?

The ASE standard is uniform throughout the U.S. There is not anything different that anyone in Detroit, MI has to do then anywhere else in the U.S. You can confirm or call ASE with any questions that you ma have at 703-669-6600 or by visiting

How do you get an ase certification?

You have to meet the standard requirement's set by ASE and sign up for the test or tests of your choosing. You will pay for each test you want to take when you send in your request forms. Show up at test location and take those test. They will send your scores and tell you what you pass or fail.

What is an ASE master certified mechanic?

ASE is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. An ASE certified Mechanic has been instructed and tested on how to perform maintenance on a vehicle. There are different areas of specialization for ASE certifications for different systems on a car. ASE certified mechanics aren't necessarily better mechanics but they take the job seriously to get certified and if you have a choice you should choose a mechanic with an ASE Certification. The person asked what is an ase MASTER mechanic? This specifically means the mechanic has passed all or nearly all certifications (tests) available in a test series (ie: auto, med truck, collision, etc ...) and the mechanic must also document at least two years of hands-on work experience. For example in the auto series there are 8 tests (A1 through A8) required before you are considered a master mechanic.

How do you become a certified mechanic?

to be come an ase certified technition you must have 2 years on the job experience. then you must sign up to take the 8 tests offered by ase. if you pass all 8 you get a certification of master auto technition. you need to know the basics and a lot more to pass all the tests. is the web sight.

What is a catalyst that ends in -ase?

Names of biological catalysts Enzymes end with ase

Scientific words that end in -ase?


Can you get ASE certified in motorcycle?

No, Ase is only for automotive

What does ase mean in text message ase?

ase' is from the Yoruba language of West Africa and it means "so let it be."

How tall is Ase Wang?

Ase Wang is 5' 3".

What type of molecule usually ends with -ase?

An enzyme.

What is a 7 letter word ending in 'ase'?

Amylase Decease

Most enzymes have names ending with the suffix -ase?

Yes, the names of most enzymes end in -ase. Thus, if you have a name of something an dyou don't know what it is and it ends in -ase, it is probably an enzyme.

What does the acronym ase stand for?

ASE can stand for many things such as Automated Software Engineering, Adaptive Server Enterprise, American Stock Exchange, and Application Service Element.

What is a common suffix found at the end of most biological enzymes?

ase ase

Suffix -ase usually indicates an enzyme?

-ase (example: Lactase)

What does the ending ase in a substance indicate?

The ending ase indicates that the substance is a catalyst.

What 3 letters do enzymes always end in?


What is an enzyme that breaks down maltose?

maltase**many enzymes end with -ase