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you can miss 12 questions

30 right = 30/42 = 71%

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โˆ™ 2014-10-02 02:50:04
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Q: How many questions can you miss to get 71 percent on a 42 question test with each question being one point each?
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How many questions can you miss to get 70 percent on a 95 question with each being one point each?

1(95-x)=70 95x=70 x 25x

Why do people catagorize questions in rhetorical questions when that ruins the whole point of the question?

Because then that answers the question. Questions are made to be found out. Not for fun.

What is point six as a percent?

the answer to the question is 60%

What is 0001 as a percent?

1% It depends on where the decimal point is supposed to be in that question - since does not allow punctuation in the questions, try writing "point" where the decimal is supposed to be.

How many can you miss out 100 question to get 85 percent?

I think it depends on the grading scale. However, if each was worth a point then maybe you could only miss 15 questions to get an 85%.

What is center point?

The answer depends on the question being clearer about the centre point of WHAT!

How do you use question mark with bullet points?

If you have ordered questions into bullet points then each question (or bullet point) should end with a question mark.

How many questions can you miss to get an 84 percent on a 100 point test?

You can only miss 16 points on a 100 point test in order to get an 84%. If the questions are worth 2 points EACH, you can miss 8. If the questions are worth 4 points each, you can only miss 4 questions.

What are copied test questions to be deleted?

This question has been set up as a merge point for test questions that have been copied and pasted to WikiAnswers.

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What is th awnser to You are taking a test worth 135 points there are a total of 45 questions there are 5 point questions and two point questions. How many 2 point quesions are there?

15 5 point questions and 30 2 point questions.

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You can ask the question exactly to the point. Adjectives can be used to make it specific.

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Due to a recent update, every question can now be discussed. This includes protected questions. However to discuss a question you must be signed in.

How many questions can you miss on a 60 question tes to still pass?

If C is passing and its a 10 point scale then.. you can only miss 18 questions.

What would your grade be if you missed 25 questions out of 100?

Your grade would be 75 if you missed 25 questions out of 100. If there are 100 questions, each question would be worth one point.

How many points would each question be on a 40 question exam?

Questions on a test do not always have the same point value. The answer cannot be determined.

What is the point of wikianswerscom?

Answers has the goal of becoming the top leading 'Question and Answer' website in the world, we're here to ask questions and answer them, that is the point of this entire website.

How do you grade a test with 110 questions?

The same way you grade any test - you add up how many questions the student got correct and then divide that by the total number of questions. In order to change that into percentage, you then multiply that number by 100.For example, if someone got 92 out of 110 questions right, their score would be 92/100 = 0.836 x 100 = 83.6 percent.

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How many questions do you have to miss to get an 80 on a 60 question test?

According to my grade calculator with a 60 question test your break point would be 30 for a D- and a 57 for an A+, so an 80% would 47 correct questions and that means you would get a B and that is missing 10 questions.

What is point five percent as a decimal?

point five percent = .005

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