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95% of the questions, provided there are no penalties for wrong answers.

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Q: How many questions do you have to answer correctly to receive 95 percent?
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Related questions

If 80 percent of the questions were answered correctly and 5 questions were missed how many questions were answered correctly?


If there are 85 questions in a test and you must get a 80 percent how many do you need to get right?

You would need to answer 68 questions correctly.

How do you solve Sarah answered 86 percent of her test questions correctly. If the test had 100 questions how many did she miss?

-- Since she answered 86 percent of the questions correctly, she answered the remaining 14 percent of them incorrectly. -- 14% of 100 questions is 14 questions.

There are 50 question and you get 90 percent right how many questions were answered correctly?

45 were correctly answered

Julie missed 5 questions on the test but answerd 80 percent of the questions correctly how many questions were in the test?

25 Questions

How many questions out of 30 do you need correct to receive a 70?

You need to answer 21 questions out of 30 correctly to get a 70%.

You took a test with 130 questions you answered 92 percent correctly how many questions did you get correct?

Questions correct are 130 * 0.92 or 120.

How many questions can you get wrong to get an 40 percent if there are 10 questions?

40% of 10 = 4 So four questions out of ten is answered correctly.

How many answers can i get wrong to receive a 90 percent out of 90 questions?


If a test had 150 questions and you got 92 percent how many did you get right?

138 answered correctly.

A student who correctly answered 72 questions on a test received a score of 75 percent How many questions were on the test?

72/.75 = 96

How many questions can you get wrong on a test that has 45 question and get 60 percent?

If you answered 27 correctly and 18 incorrectly, you would have answered 60% correctly.

I need to get a 65 percent on a test out of 50 questions how many can i miss?

To score 65% you would need to answer 32.5 questions correctly. As you can't answer half a question correctly, you will need to answer 33 correctly resulting in a mark of 66%. Thus you can miss 17.

What percent of questions were answered correctly if you got three wrong in fourteen questions?

Divide how many questions you got right (11) by how many questions total there was (14). Then multiply it by 100. 11/14=0.78....... 0.78 x 100=78 YOUR ANSWER IS 78%

How many questions can you get wrong on a 150 question exam and receive 70 percent?

Provided that all 150 exam questions are weighted equally, then 105 correct responses is 70%.

If you had 50 questions and you got 72 percent right how many questions were answered correctly?

Getting 72 per cent right means if you had 100 questions you would have got 72 correct. Since there were half as many questions (50), you would have got half as many (36) correct.

Sophia correctly answered 70 percent of the questions on her last math test If Sophia correctly answered 42 questions how many questions were on the test?

There were 60 questions on the test. In order to solve this problem, set up the equation 42 = .70 * X, where X is the number of questions on the test. This essentially tells you 70% of what number (X) is 42. Divide 42 by .70 and you will get an answer of 60.

Need a 70 to pass a test of 16 questions how many questions can you miss?

To get seventy percent or better on a quiz of 16 questions one needs 11.2 answers correctly answered. So it is best not to miss 4 but definitely not to miss 5 or more. This answer is arrived at by taking the 16 questions and multiplying by .70 (70 percent) or 16 x .70 = 11.2.

How many questions can you miss on a California permit test?

Correctly answer 39 out of 46 questions

How many questions must be answered correctly to get score of 68 has 60 questions 2 points for correct answer no points for unanswered questions two thirds of a point subtracted for wrong answer?

Answer 34 questions correctly, ignore the rest.

How many questions can you miss on a 50 question test and get a 70 percent?

The " 70% " score represents the fraction of the questions that you answered correctly.If you answered 70% correctly, you missed the remaining 30% .30% of 50 = 0.3 x 50 = 15 .

How many questions are on the permit test in pa?

The exam consists of 18 questions and you must answer 15 correctly in order to pass.

How many questions does a person have to get wrong to receive a 69 c?

It depends on how many questions there are.

How many questions can you get wrong to get an 80 percent if there are 40 questions?

Each question is worth 2.5 percent. You can get 8 wrong.

If there was a test with 240 questions on a test and i answered 95 correctly how many questions did i answer correct?

95 of them.

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