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you need more than half of the questions answered correct.

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Q: How many questions do you need to get right to pass the earth science regents?
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How many questions in the algebra regents to you need to get right for a 75?

15-16 multiple choice questions will give you a 65

How do you pass the Geometry regents?

review the topics from the last year geometry regents topics at and all u have to do is get 25 questions right and u get a 72

Why are questions important in life science?

Questions are important to life science because you want to find out the right answer.

Is meterologist Earth Science?

I take an Earth Science class and right now we are learning about meteorology.

Connection of science to earth science?

Well , it's all science, right? I mean, earth science is all about tectonic plates, the earth, the core, everything, and you all have to relate it back to science. That's how its connected.

What are the scopes and limitations of science?

Science can't answer questions about values. For example, there is no scientific answer to the questions, which of these flowers is prettier? Or, which smells worse, a skunk or a skunk cabbage? • Science can't answer questions of morality. The problem of deciding good and bad, right and wrong, is outside the determination of science. • Finally, science can't help us with questions about the supernatural.

What does dynamic mean in earth science terms?

Dynamic Earth in science terms means that you better watch your back because i'm right behind you. -_-

Why are diamonds forever?

If I remember right from Earth Science, it is because diamonds are the strongest known gem on Earth.

How do you find unanswered questions on here?

Scroll down the page until you see "Unanswered questions". It's on the right side at the bottom of the page.You can do the same on another page, for example the Science page has "Unanswered questions" at the bottom, for science questions only.

How much would you weigh on Mars if you weigh 5 pounds on Earth?

you would weigh about 1.895 pounds. If there are any other questions about how much you weigh on another planet just go to on the right click on science monster, then go to earth science, then click on the solar system at the top, and then click the planet you want, then you scroll down a little and it has a converter.

What area of science does geology come under?

Geology, the study of rocks and minerals, right? That falls under earth sciences, or history of the earth.

If light passing through different medium bends as per science so do the shape of sun earth or anything we see is actually the same that we see or as per science its different?

you are right

Selecting an Earth Science Job?

Earth science is one of the most diverse fields of science imaginable. There are so many components to the overall structure of what "Earth science" is, that you could literally find yourself studying just about anything on the Earth. Technically, most of these jobs are involved with the actually geologic processes that formed and continue to sculpt the Earth. This can involve studying plate tectonics, vulcanism, geology, or any other of a plethora of possible fields of study. If you think you may be interested in looking for an Earth science job, then make sure you have the right sciences in your background. Geology is a given, but many Earth science jobs require you to have a solid background in chemistry and even in physics.

Why cant WikiAnswers give you the right questions?

it can give you the right questions.

A test had 150 questions and got 92 percentage right how many questions did he answer correctly?

138 questions right and 12 questions wrong

Why is Logic an Art and a Science?

Logic is the ability to think through a problem systematically. Science was born of logic, but cold logic without sympathetic reasoning and moral grounding is dangerous. Fully informed logic comprises the cold analysis of science as well as the art of asking the right questions at the right time with a moral appreciation of its implications.

What does Ralph Waldo Emerson mean by science does not know its debt to imagination?

It takes imagination to spur on curiosity and create questions for science to investigate. It also takes imagination to find the right experiment to test a hypothesis.

What does it mean when carbon is organic?

the answer is because you can do science and jesus is a proven scientific answer to the earth so pray and do it right and ask God what the answer is

Why are science equipment important in science?

to get the right answer

What is 40 questions right - 2 questions wrong?


how to git questions right?

answer them

How many percent will be if when you get 36 questions right of 36 questions?

You'd be 100% right.

How many questions where right if you got 95 and there where 40 questions?

You got 38 right.

I have 57 questions right out of 62 what is my percentage?

57 questions right out of 62 is 91.94%.

What is the one thing in each hair follicle?

Well I have a science packet on skin and one of my questions was that. I just guesses tube. I don't know if it is right or not though.