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Q: How many questions on a class 3 drivers test?
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How many questions are on the Alabama drivers permit test?


How many questions is the drivers license test in phoenix Arizona?


How many questions are on the Michigan drivers written test?

The test has 25 questions and you can only get 5 questions wrong, if not you fail.You only need to get 15 questions right to pass.

How hard are the drivers test questions in Illinois?

You can not get an advance copy of the drivers test questions for the Illinois drivers test. However, the state does offer a guide book that you should study in order to learn what will be on the test.

How many questions are in a cdl a general knowledge test?

for basic general knowledge, class B, test, there are 50 questions

How many question are on the drivers test and how many can you miss?

There's like 46 questions. You can miss 7.

What kinds of questions will be on my child's drivers permit test?

There are many different questions so every test is different. She can get a drivers manual at the DMV or online and study before she takes the test. There are also different sample tests she could take to prepare.

Are the study questions in the Florida drivers handbook the questions on the permit test?

probably not. but if you cant pass the Florida drivers test, you should never be on the road.

Nh drivers test how many needed to pass?

There are now 30 questions on the test, and I believe that you have to get at least an 80%, which would mean that you would have to get 24 questions correct .

How many question are there in the class d test Ontario Canada?

There are 20 questions

How many questions are there on an Alberta Class 7 learners test as of 2010?

30 questions. 6 wrong=fail

Michigan written drivers test?

The Michigan drivers test is made up of 15 questions. If you have read the manual, you will have no problem passing this test.