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Since there are 2 Pi radians in one complete turn, then the minute hand turns 1.75 * 2 Pi radians in 1.75 hours.

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Q: How many radians does the minute hand of a clock rotate in 1.75 hours?
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How many times minute hand rotate in 24 hours?

Minute hand will rotate 1440 times in 24 hours.

How many radian does hour hand of a clock turn in two hours?

pi/3 radians.

How many radians does the earth rotate in five hours?

If in 24 hours the Earth completes 360 degrees then in 5 hours: 360*5/24=75 degrees 75 degrees is equal to 75*pi/180= 5*pi/12 radians

How many degrees will the minute hand of a clock rotate through in 8 hours?

2880 degrees 1) One rotation of the minute hand is 360 degrees. 2) One rotation is completed in 1 hour. 3) So in 8 hours the minute hand will go through 8 x 360 degrees = 2880

Is the short hand on the clock the minute hand?

No, the shorter one tells the hours.

How many hours and minute less does it take mars than earth to rotate the sun?

it takes about 6 months earth time for mars to rotate around the sun

How many times does the minute hand move around the clock face in one day?

If we define a day as 24 hours, the minute hand moves around the clock face once an hour. 24 times.

How long does it take for the hour and minute hand to go from 12 am to 12 noon?

12 hours - if the clock is accurate.

How do you change the clock time on a 1999 Passat?

This information can be found in your owner's manual. Turn ignition on and rotate the spindle under the clock- clockwise for minutes and anti-clockwise for hours. Hope this helps.

How many times the hour and the minute hand of a clock comes in 180 degree?

11 times in every 12 hours.

If there 1440 minutes in 24 hours does that mean the minutes on a clock has to go round 1440 times for 24 hours to pass?

No - the minute hand rotates 24 times in 24 hours !

How much does Saturn spin in a minute?

Saturn rotates quickly, once in 10.2 hours, so in one minute it would rotate through 0.59 degrees. At the equator of Saturn's visible surface that would be about 600 kilometres per minute.

How many hours are there in a minute?

1 minute is 0.01667 hours.

What are clock dials?

Clock dials are used on analog- style (as opposed to digital) clocks and watches. The other term for a clock dial is a clock face, or clockface. It is the part of the clock where the hour and minute hands (and maybe also seconds hands ) appear. Frequently the clock dial also has numbers, from one to twelve representing the hours, as well as five-minute intervals. Sometimes there are evenly spaced dots, instead of numbers. For an illustration of a clock dials, go to the link below.

Why does a second hand of a clock have a slower velocity?

No the 'second hand' of a clock has a higher velocity, it makes one rotation each minute, while the minute hand makes on rotation each hour and the hour hand makes one rotation every 12 hours.

Which planet takes 59 hours to rotate?

There are no planets in our solar system that take 59 hours to rotate.

What is an eight hour clock?

An eight-hour clock is a clock that has only eight numbers on its face. The hour hand of an eight hour clock takes eight hours to rotate once, dividing the day into three separate periods, each eight hours long. Railway station operators once used eight-hour clocks to calculate their work shifts and the train schedules.

How many degrees does the hour minute and second hand turn through on a clock in 24 hours?

720, 8,640 and 518,400 degrees respectively.

How many hours a minute?

1 minute = 1/60 hours.

How many circles does a minute hand make in a day?

The Minute hand makes a full circle of the clock's dial every Hour. Since there are 24 hours in a day, then the Minute hand travels 24 full circles every day.

How do you set the clock on the pioneer deh-p6800mp?

This is for the DEH-6800MP Press function repeatedly until "clock" appears in the display. Pressing < or > will select hours or minuets segments on the display Hour - minute As you select segments of the clock, they will blink. Press up or down buttons to change hours or minutes as selected above.

How many hours are there when the hands of the clock form an acute angle?

An acute angle is any angle that is between 0° and 90°.At the exact hour mark, the minute hand is always at the 12.And so, the hours where the clock form an acute angle are:1 o'clock2 o'clock10 o'clock11 o'clockThus, there are 4 hours.

How do you change the time on a 1998 Audi a4?

Pull the knob out on the left side where the clock is. The hands will move starting with the minute hand and will advance the hours.

What is the size of the largest angle that can be made by the hours and minute hands on a clock?

Technically 364.999 to the Nth degree, since the hands of a clock go in circles, you could view them barely touching as an obtuse angle.

How many minutes and hours are in minutes?

There is exactly 1 minute in a minute. There is 0.01666... recurring hours in 1 minute.