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Q: How many rats would you have to milk to get a gallon of milk?
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Why is milk important to rats?

Rats are mammals. Mammals feed their Young on milk.

Why do cows live?

Just think about it this way, If we didn't have cows, would we get milk from rats?

Do rats eat meat milk or eggs?

Rats can eat meat, milk, eggs, and anything they come to contact with.

Do rats feed milk?

yes they suckle their young on their own milk

Why can rats eat milk?

because it is never good for them

When do rats stop drinking milk?

When their fully furred.

Can rats eat dog milk bones?


What would pet rats eat?

Usually water. Rats can also drink soy milk. But don't give them cows milk, they are allergic to it. And no soda, rats can't burp and if they have to much they will die!!

Can rats drink milk?

You can give a rat milk but I do not recomend this as I have been told by the Vet I use for my 4 mice that mice and rats cannot digest milk properly and that the best liquid for them is water and only water as this rehydrates them properly.

Is it better to feed pet rats milk or water?

They always need food and water, milk will make them sick.

Can you give me details abouth dairy waste norms in India?

They get milk and pour it in giant basins, then rats from everywhere come and drink it. they feed about 4-5 gal. of good milk to no good rats.

What can newborn rats eat other than mothers' milk?

Newborn rats can be bottle fed with KMR, a kitten replacement formula.