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Q: How many revolutions per minute does Spanish tennis great Rafael Nadal generate when he strikes a ball with his devastating forehand?
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How do you say generate in spanish?

Generar = to generate.

How do you say generic in spanish?

Generar = to generate.

What factors caused the revolution in spanish America?

The Revolutions in Spanish America happened because you touch yourself at night.

What social and political problems emerged under Spanish rule which led to revolutions in Latin America?

Increasingly repressive social and political conditions under Spanish rule, limiting property ownership, led to revolutions in LA.

What group would have probably fought against the revolutions in Latin America?

Those people that were Spanish born would have been against the revolutions of Latin America.

How was Simon bolivar influenced by the American and french revolutions?

he began revolutions against spanish authority

What leader launched successful revolutions against Spanish rule in the northern regions of South America?

simon bolivar

Who were the leading figures of the south American revolutions and what did they accomplish?

Jose De San Martin and Bernardo O'Higgins. They accomplished defeating the Spanish by forcing out the Spanish and organized an army.

Will the Spanish Flu ever return?

The Spanish flu of 1918 wiped out millions of people. Some doctors believe it could come back but if it does, they think it will not be as devastating as it was back in 1918.

Why did the Philippines have a revolution?

The Philippines has had several revolutions. One was to end Spanish colonial rule. One was to rid themselves of Ferdinand Marcos.

How did the US make Spain look bad in the spanish American war?

By surprising the Spanish with the attack on the Philippines first, thus scoring a quick and devastating victory and then switching their focus to the Caribbean theater.

How did events in Europe led to revolution in the Spanish colonies?

After Europe was in control, Spanish colonies were encouraged to get their land back and take control. It led to many revolutions like the French Revolution and Ind. Revolution.