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A nonagon has 9 sides. It can have one or more 90 degree angles. If it is a regular nonagon then it has 180*7/9 for the interior angle measures which is 140 degrees.

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Q: How many right-angles has a nonagon have?
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Does a quadrilateral have rightangles?

No a quadrilateral does not have any rightangles.

How many verticies are in a nonagon?

There are 9 vertices in a nonagon.

What is a nonagon?

A 9 sided shape that how many a nonagon has.

A nonagon has how many sides?

A Nonagon has 9 sides

How many diagonals are in a nonagon?

A Nonagon has 36 diagonals

How many degrees is in a nonagon?

There are 1260 degrees in a nonagon

How many angels does a nonagon have?

A nonagon has 9 angels ;)

Can a quadrilateral have exactly 3 rightangles?


Does a trapeziums angles cross at rightangles?


How many sides does an nonagon have?

a nonagon have 9 sides...

How many rightangles are there in a triangle?

There is one 90 degree angle in a right angle triangle

How many angles does a nonagon have?

A nonagon has 9 sides and 9 angles.

How many interior angles does a nonagon have?

what is the total of interior angles in a nonagon?

How many degrees of turn in a nonagon?

A nonagon has 9 rotation symmetry

How many parrellel lines are there in a nonagon?

In a regular nonagon no two sides are parallel.

How many lines of symmetry does a nonagon have?

A regular Nonagon has nine lines of symmetry.

How many degrees are in a nonagon?

The sum of the interior angles of a nonagon is 1260 degrees.

How many equal angles does a nonagon have?

In a regular nonagon there are 9, if its irregular its dependant.

How many faces does a nonagon have?

A nonagon has nine faces. It is a nine-sided polygon. A regular nonagon has internal angles of 140-degrees. The U.S. Steel Tower is an irregular nonagon.

How many diagonal lines does a nonagon have?

A nine sided nonagon has 27 diagonals

How many sides does a Nanogon have?

First of all its not NANOGON its NONAGON......... A nonagon has 9 sides..

How many side is the nonagon and decagon?

A nonagon has 9 sides and a decagon has 10 sides

How many diagonals in a nonagon?


How many triangles are there in an nonagon?


How many sides in nonagon?