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3 because 3*90 = 270 degrees

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Q: How many right angles in 270 degrees?
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How many degrees in three right angles?

270 degrees

How many degrees are in three right angles?


How many degrees are there in 3 right angles?

270. A right angle is ninety degrees.

How many angles in 23 right angles answer?

There are two angles: one of 90 degrees and the other of 270 deg.

Does a hexagon have right-angles?

It can have 0-4 right angles. If you allow reflex right angles (270 degrees), it can have six of them.

What is the sum of 3 right angles?

90+90+90=270 degrees your answer is 270 degrees

How many right angle make 270 degrees?

A right angle is 900, so 2700 make three right angles.

What turn do 3 right angles make?

3/4 of a rotation or 270 degrees

Can a parallelogram have 3 right angles?

Depends on your question. A rectangle is a parallelogram and has 4 right angles. BUT A parallelogram can have only a total of one, two, or four right angles. Mathematically, 3 right angles is 270 degrees. A parallelogram has 360 degrees. 360 - 270 = 90 degrees = right angle.

What is three right angle turn?

a right angle is 90 degrees. 3 right angles is 270 degrees. if you make you body turn 270 degrees then you pretty much just turned left or right but just the long way.

Can a quadrilateral have three acute angles and one right angle?

No, a quadrilateral can't have three acute angles and one right angle. The angles of a quadrilateral must total 360. The three other angles of a quadrilateral with one right angle would then have to total 270 degrees. If all three were acute (less than 90 degrees), they could not total 270.

Why can't the angles of a right angled triangle be the same?

As you probably know, a right angle triangle has to have a right angle (only can have one). A right angle is 90 degrees. All the triangles' angles add up to total of 180 degrees and only 180 degrees. 180- 90 is 90. If you have two right angles then that's a rectangle (a square is a rectangle). If you do 90 * 3 that equals 270 degrees. 270 is way greater than 180.

Is it possible to have a pentagon with 2 obtuse angles and 3 acute angles?

The total of the internal angles of a pentagon must equal 540 degrees. Three acute angles sum to less than 270 degrees, leaving at least 270 degrees for the obtuse angles if possible. Half of 270 is 135 degrees, which is an obtuse angle. Therefore, a pentagon with angles of 136, 137, 89, 89, and 89 degrees would satisfy the conditions given, and there are many other possibilities.

Is a right triangle an equilateral triangle?

No. Within a triangle, the sum of all of the angles must equal 180 degrees. All three angles are acute (60 degrees) in an equilateral triangle, while only two are in a right triangle, the other being a right angle (90 degrees). There obviously could not be three right angles (270 degrees).

Why cant a quadrilateral have exactly 3 right angles?

A quadrilateral can only have either 2 right angles or four. As you may (or may not) know, the angles in a quadrilateral must add up to 360 degrees. If you have 3 right angles that adds up to 270 degrees, so the last side must also be 90 degrees.

What is an angle above 180 but less than 270?

There are all the angles between 180 and 270that lie between 180 degrees and 270 degrees angles

What is the sum of the exterior angles of a quadrilateral?

1080 degrees (an average of 270 degrees, times the four angles).

What is an angle over 270 degrees?

All angles between 180 and 360 degrees are reflex angles.

How many degrees are in three right turns?


How many angles does a rectangle has?

Four inside angles, all of them being right angles (90 degrees) in each corner. You could also count the four outside angles, outside each corner, each one being 270 degrees. (Adding one inside angle with its outside angle = 360 degrees (a circle)

Definition of benchmark angles?

90 degrees 180 degrees 270 degrees 360 degrees!

How many obtuse angles does a pentagon have?

Hi A pentagon has 540 degrees and five sides. If it is a regular pentagon, then each angle is 108 degrees. An obtuse angle is greater than 90°. A pentagon can be constructed with 2 obtuse angles and 3 non-obtuse (either acute or right) angles. Example: if it had 3 angles of 90° = 270°. 540° - 270° = 270°, which would be split between 2 angles (each between 90° and 180°).

How do you draw a triangle with 3 right angles?

This cannot be done as all angles in a triangle must add up to 180 degrees. A right angle is 90 degrees and so three right angles would equal 270 degrees meaning the lines could not meet up. This is also the same for making a triangle out of two right angles as the angles would add up to 180 degrees without the final line meaning it would have to go past 180 degrees

What has an angle that measures 90-180 degrees?


Do a hexagon have no right angles?

There are 6 sides in a hexagon. All angles are 120o. * * * * * Not quite. All angles may be 120 degrees but, in fact, they can have any value provided their sum is 720 degrees. So, it is possible to have a hexagon with 5 right angles and one reflex right angle (270 deg).

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