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Q: How many right angles in an irregular 4 sided shape?
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A six sided shape with 3 right angles?

A irregular hexagon

What is a six sided shape with three right angles?

An irregular hexagon.

What is a seven sided shape with four right angles?

An irregular heptagon.

What is a 6 sided shape with 3 right angles?

irregular hexagon?

What is a7 sided shape with 4 right angles?

It is an irregular, concave heptagon. But the shape has no special name.

What is the four sided shape with unequal sides and two right angles?

A right trapezium or an irregular quadrilateral.

What is the name of a six sided shape with all right angles?

It is impossible to have a six sided shape with right angles since the lines would never meet, therefore it would not create a shape. The most right angles you can have in a shape is four. A six sided shape is called a hexagon. There are Regular Hexagons, meaning all the sides and all the angles are equal. Any other Hexagon with unequal sides and angles and called Irregular Hexagons. Each side must be straight, and the sum of the angles equaling 720°.

What shape has 5 lines segments and 2 right angles?

An irregular 5 sided pentagon that looks like a hut would fit the given description.

What is a five sided shape with three right angles called?

a Pentagon is five sided and CAN have 3 right angles.

What has 5 vertices 2 of which are right angles?

An irregular 5 sided pentagon can be constructed including two right angles.

How many right angles does an octagon has?

An regular 8 sided octagon has no right angles unless it is shaped into an irregular octagon.

How many angles does a decagon have that is not regular?

A regular or an irregular decagon is a ten sided shape that has 10 interior angle that add up to 1440 degrees.