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It depends on why the other half are disappearing!

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Q: How many rolls are needed to have half the 120 dice remaining?
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How many half-dollars in a roll?

Rolls of half dollars are $10.00 so 20 coins are needed

How many dozen dinner rolls are needed to serve 150 people one roll each?

1 dozen rolls = 12 rolls Let x = the number of rolls needed. (12 rolls)(1 person / roll)x = 150 people 12x = 150 x = 12.5 However, if you can only buy dozens in whole numbers (and you can't buy half a dozen, for example), you should round up. So you would need 13 dozen dinner rolls.

How many rolls of half dollars in a box?

A standard bank box of nickels contains $100 worth, which is 50 rolls at $2 each.

Do you get an odd number when you roll a dice?

Half the time!

What mumber is opposite 2 on the dice?

double it and that your answer!(4) like 3,6! and it you cant doulble it ( cus its not on the dice)then half it!

After three half-lives what percent of the radioactive isotope is remaining?

After three half-lives, 12.5% of the radioactive isotope is remaining. This is because each half-life reduces the amount of radioactive material by half.

How much does the average Rolls-Royce cost?

about half a mill.

What is the value that is greater than half of the values and lesser than the remaining half?

The median.

What is the probability of rolling a odd number on a dice?

Three out of six which reduces to one half.

How many rolls are in 3 and a half dozen?

There are 12 in one dozen. Therefore, 3.5 dozen rolls is equal to 3.5 x 12 = 42 rolls. Unless of course, it's a baker's dozen!

You roll a dice once what is the probability that you roll a even number?

The probability is .5 since half the numbers are even and half are odd.

How do you cut a spaghetti squash?

The best method is to make dice of the same size. First cut the squash in half, then de-core it, then make dice each with the skin on one side of them.