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an m-60 can easily fire 80 rounds in one minute

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Q: How many rounds could the m60 shoot in 1 minute?
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How many rounds does the warthog shoot per minute?

65 rounds a second and as many as 500 rounds in a burst - there is no "per minute"

How many artillery rounds could an experienced gunner from shoot in a minute in the civil war?


How many rounds can a ak-74 shoot in a minute?

The AK74 has a rate of fire of 650 RPM. It depends on how fast the mags can be changed to find out how many rounds can be fired in one minute.

How many rounds does a 44 cal hand gun shoot a minute?

That depends on how quickly the firer is able to shoot and reload.

How many rounds a minute does a Minigun shoot?

The U.S. Minigun is the fastest shooting gun in the world (I may be mistaken). It shoots over 3,000 rounds per minute (RPM)! That's 50 rounds per second!

How many bullets per second does an ak 74 shoot at?

ABOUT 10. The rate of fire is 6oo rounds per minute.

How many rounds per minute does a Hekler and Kotch MP5 sub- machine gun shoot?

First of all it is spelled : Heckler & Koch 800 rounds per minute for MP5, 700 for MP5SD and 900 for MP5k.

How many bullets does a gatling gun shoot per minute?

100 rounds per second. do the math- 6000 round per minute divided it by 60 and you have 100.

How many yards per second can ak47 shoot?

710 meters per second in 7,62x39. 600 rounds per minute.

How many rounds a minute could a Vickers machine gun fire?

450 - 650

How many rounds does a minigun shoot?

A Minigun can shoot on average 2300-3000 bullets per minute. That means it can shoot about 38-50 bullets per second. It shoots so fast, on Myth-Busters (a show on Discovery Channel) they cut down a tree by shooting for a little less than a minute.

How many rounds the ak-47 shoots for second?

it shoots 10 rounds per second and the mag has 30 rounds so you could use 3 seconds to shoot all the bullets from the mag