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Ten dimes equals $1.00, so Twenty dimes would equal $2.00 ... two rows of ten times would do it. A roll of dimes contains $5 when rolled by a merchant or bank.

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Q: How many rows of dimes make 2.00?
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How many dimes make 20 dollars?

200 dimes of course.

How many dimes make 200 dollars?

two thousand 200 / 0.10 = 2,000

How many dimes are in 10 toonies?

The answer is 200 dimes. Your Welcome.

How many dimes do you need to make 20 dollars?

200 of course !

How many dimes are in 20?

20 cents is 2 dimes 20 dollars is 200 dimes.

How many pennies nickels dimes pennies tens fives and ones do I have to make 200?

If you have 20 tens you have 200. You don't need the rest.

How many dimes are in 20.00 dollars?

There are 10 dimes in a dollar. 20 x 10 = 200

How much money is 1 pound of dimes?

146 Dimes weigh 2.268 grams and it takes 200 dimes to make a pound using the current Roosevelt dimes

How many rows of teeth do striped dolphins have?


Value of a pound of dimes?

$20 or 200 dimes

How many dimes equal 20?

Umm...20 dimes equal 20. Now, if you mean, "How many dimes equal 20 cents, 2; 20 dollars, 200.

How much money is a pound of dimes?

$20 or 200 dimes

How much is a pound of US dimes?

$20 or 200 dimes

Does 200 dimes equal one pound?

Yes dimes have to weigh exactly 2.27 grams and 200 dimes do weigh 1 pound.

How much is 200 dimes?

1 dime = 10 cents therefore 200 dimes = 20.00 dollars

How much money is 290 in dimes?

200 dimes = $20.00 90 dimes = $9.00 (Answer) 290 dimes= $29.00

200 000 dimes equals how many dollars?

There are 10 dimes in one dollar. Therefore, 200000 dimes is equal to 200000 / 10 = 20000 dollars.

How many ten pin bowling pins in 20 rows?


If you had a pound of dimes how much money would you have?

200 dimes or $20

How many dimes would weigh 100 pounds?

Each dime has a mass of 35 grains, which is 35/7000 = 1/200 pounds So 1 pound = 200 dimes and therefore, 100 lbs = 20,000 dimes.

How many quarters nickels and dimes do you need to make 100 dollars?

There's no single answer; it depends on how many of each coin you have. For example you could have any of the following:400 quarters1000 dimes2000 nickels500 dimes and 1000 nickels200 quarters, 400 dimes, and 200 nickelsand so on....

How many rows are in a section of Wrigley Field?

Depending on the section either 15 or 26. The 200 level rows are deeper.

How many dimes are in a 20 dollar bill?

There are none in the bill, but you can trade it for 200 of them in many, many places.

How much money is 2000 dimes?

10 dimes is 1 dollar, so 2,000 dimes is 200 dollars.

How many dimes would be needed to pay 200?

two thousand10 x 0.10 = 110 x 200 = 2,000