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There can only be one output for each input.

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Q: How many salary outputs does the chart have for each input value of training?
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How many outputs does the SALARY problem have for each input value?

The salary problem has 2 outputs for each input value.

Can an input have two outputs?


Can an input have 2 outputs?


How many outputs does the Catwalk Problem have for each positive input value?

There are 2 outputs for each positive input value in the Catwalk problem.

Are pointing sticks inputs or outputs?


Touch sensitive pad an input or output?

Input as your using touch to control it and to INPUT data. Output too- Outputs data.

What is an input table?

An input/output table works like this:You input something, and through a function, it outputs something else!Say I Had a function that is: input+2If I were to input 5, It would output 7All an input/output table does is displays a couple examples of multiple inputs with their outputs! Put tables only operate on one function....Example:Function: Input x 5 + 3INPUTS - OUTPUTS----------------------1 - 82 - 133 - 186 - 3310 - 53

What are the in and outputs of a car?

Input, money. Output, transportation.

How do you determine whether a table of input output data is a function?

If every input has an output. If two outputs are the same, they must have the same input.

How do you connect one speaker to the Right and Left outputs of a stereo amplifier?

To connect one speaker to the right and left outputs of a stereo amplifier, split the input into two parts. These should go to the left and right signals. The input of the amps should be a stereo input.

What is A set of input and output values such that each input has one or more outputs?

It is a relationship from one set to another, which is not a function.

What is a measurement that evaluates the amount of input used to achieve outputs?

organizational efficiency