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Q: How many seasons did green acres air?
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How many acres is the Air Force Academy?

The grounds of the Air Force Academy cover 18,000 acres

Is green acres off the air?

September 15, 1965, to April 27, 1971.

How many seasons was le femme nikita on the air?

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Where is the Air Acres Museum in Woodstock Georgia located?

The address of the Air Acres Museum is: 376 Air Acres Way, Woodstock, GA 30188-2910

How many seasons did The Life of Ryan air?

1 3

How many seasons was Sanctuary on the air?

Sanctuary ran for four seasons from October 3, 2008 to December 30, 2011

How many seasons did The Drew Carey Show air?

The Drew Carey Show aired for 9 seasons from 1995 to 2004.

How many seasons did Knight Rider air?

Four for the original show.One for the remake.

What is the phone number of the Air Acres Museum in Woodstock Georgia?

The phone number of the Air Acres Museum is: 770-517-6090.

How many seasons will Hells Kitchen be around?

Hell's Kitchen has taped 5 seasons so far.

How many acres are needed for a wind turbine?

Wind turbines use one or two acres each, with plenty of room between them to avoid air turbulence that can impede airflow.

Who wrote the Green acres theme song?

Green acres is the place for me. Farm livin' is the life for me. Land spreadin' out so far and wide. Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside. New York is where I'd rather stay. I get allergic smelling hay. I just adore a penthouse view. Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue. ...The chores. ...The stores. ...Fresh air. ...Times Square You are my wife. Good bye, city life. Green Acres we are there.