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Latitude and longitude are angles, and are described

in the same units as any other angular quantity.

60 seconds = 1 minute

60 minutes = 1 degree

360 degrees = 1 full circle

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Q: How many seconds in every minute of latitude and longitude?
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How many seconds are in every degree of latitude and longitude?

It is 3600 seconds for you have 60 minutes in every degree so there are 60 seconds in every minute.

How many seconds are there in every two minutes of longitude?

There are 60 seconds in every minute of longitude so there are 120 seconds in every 2 minutes of longitude.

Lines of latitude and lines of longitude are perpendicular to?

Every meridian of longitude is perpendicular to every parallel of latitude, and every parallel of latitude is perpendicular to every meridian of longitude.

Is the kilauea map its on longitude or latitude?

Every point on Earth has a longitude and a latitude. The only exceptions arethe north and south poles. Each of them has a latitude and every longitude.

How are lines of longitude and latitude divided into minutes and seconds?

Every degree of angle divides into 60 minutes of angle and every minute of angle divides into 60 seconds of angle. This system of measuring angles has been used since the Babylonians established it roughly 3000 years ago..

Do latitude lines ever touch longitude lines?

Every parallel of latitude crosses every meridian of longitude.

Between every two degrees of longitude there are sixty?


What is the longitude and latitude of a professional soccer field?

Every soccer field will have a different longitude and latitude.

How many lines of longitude does a line of latitude intersect?

Every line of longitude intersects with every line of latitude and vic-versa.

Does every planet have a latitude and longitude?

Yes, they do. Every planet has a Prime Meridian and an Equater, so all planets have latitude and longitude.

Is the meridian longitude or latitude?

Every point on a meridian has the same longitude.

Is California longitude or latitude?

Every point on Earth has both a longitude and a latitude. And if someone gives you a longitude and a latitude, you can use them to find exactly one point on Earth.