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12 because january2nd febuary2 and so on

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Q: How many secounds are in a year?
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How many secounds in one year?


How many secounds in a leap year?

there are 31,622,400 seconds in a leap year. Cause if there are 86,400 seconds in a day and 31,536,000 seconds in a year, you add 31,536,000 to 86,400 and you get 31,622,400

How many secounds are there in 10 miniutes?


How many secounds are in 9 minutes?


How many secounds are in 3.5 minutes?

210 seconds

How many minutes is 3600 secounds?

60 minutes or an hour

How many seconds does a player have to get the ball inbounds?

5 secounds

How many seconds would it take to travel 15 feet at 3.5 feet per second?

how many secounds would it take to travel 15 feet at 3.5 feet per secounds

How many Chinese people died in 1996?

a lot of people died in 1996 people die every 5 secounds and someone is born every 15 secounds

How many secounds in 30 minites?

30 minutes = 1,800 seconds

How many secounds are in 6 minutes?

There are 360 seconds in six minutes.

How many secounds are there in 40 minutes?

40 x 60 = 2400

How many secounds are in 1 and a half minutes?

One minute has 60 seconds. Do the math.

World record mile run 12 year old?

I ran the mile in 4:37 secounds top that

how long can i hold my breath for?

26 secounds

How many minutes and secounds are in 771?

771 seconds is equal to 12 minutes 51 seconds.

What is sec?

secounds or secound base

How many people die a day be cause of mosquitoes?

about 14 (in U.S) and 75 (in africa) each day, but every 3 secounds someone dies every 2 secounds a person is born, and every 22 minutes a person dies from a murder

How long is 36000 secounds?

10 hours

In a straight line goes 3 meter per secounds to 9 meters per secound in 3 secounds what is the acceleration?

Acceleration is 2 meters / sec / sec.

How long is it on a plane from Glasgow to Cyprus?

2 secounds

How long can you survive with no heart?

5 or 10 secounds

Is lunar water edible?

no it will kill you in 5 secounds

What is the world record for speed abc?

10 secounds

How do you freeze the clock on super power island?

press space bar but it only freezes time for 10 secounds and it takes five secounds to reset so you can uses it again.

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