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Q: How many sets of chromsome are there in a triploid?
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Plants with four sets of chromosomes are said to be triploid?

Triploid indicates there are three sets of chromosomes within the nucleus. A plant with four sets of chromosomes is said to have a tetraploid nucleus.

What is an abnormality where there are extra complete multiples of chromo sets?

Cells go by the number of sets that are in the body. Like haploid has one set, diploid has 2 sets, triploid has three sets, tetraploid has four sets, pentaploid has five sets and polyploidy is for three or more sets of chromosomes.

What is a polyploidi?

An organism that contains more than two sets of chromosomes.

If the diploid number of a plant is ten how many chromosomes would you expect to find in its triploid offspring?

If the diploid number of the plant is ten, then its haploid number is 5. Since triploid refers to three times the haploid number, then a triploid plant would have 15 chromosomes.

Triploid organisms have copies of each chromosome?

Triploid organisms have ___two___ Copies of each chromosome?

The triploid nucleus in the megaspore divides to produce?

The triploid nucleus in the megaspore divides to produce endosperm, which provides the plan embryo in the seed with food.

What is the advantage of bananas being triploid?

they are alive!!

What is the Triploid stage of a flowering plant?


Which chromsome is cystic Fibrosis located?

Chromosome 7.

What is a polypoid organism?

an organism with more sets of chromosomes than is natural. IE a fruit is supposed to be diploid (2n), however some flies might gain another set of chromosomes to make it triploid (3n).

Why are yellow bananas called triploid organisms?

Triploid organisms are normally sterile as their lack of homologous chromosomes prevents pairing during meiosis. This can be useful to plant breeders, for example in banana cultivation: sterile triploid bananas can be propagated asexually and will not contain any seeds.

Every chromsome except for the ex chromsomes are called?