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I am no sure what you mean by shape, but there are infinitely many different regular polygons, one for every positive integer, so I would think there must be infinitely many shapes.

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Q: How many shapes are in maths?
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How many 3 d shapes are there in maths?

Infinitely many.

What are vertices in maths?

vertices are the corners of the shapes.

How is maths present in currency notes?

maths is present in currency notes.dimensions,shapes,etc. siddharth

Maths is related which subject and how?

math is related to shapes

How is maths involved in 3d snowflake?

it can tell you how many shapes there will be (say if you fold it 4 times and cut 12 shapes into it then it gives you 48 shapes in the snowflake because there were really 4 shapes made when you cut 1 shape due to the fact that it had 4 layers)

How is cubism in art related to maths?

Cubism is related to maths because of the usage of geometric shapes, angles, and lines in the making of the art.

In maths what is a angle used in 2D shapes?

to show the shape accurute

What kind of games does Woodlands Maths offer?

The Woodlands Maths website offers fun games to help children learn basic math skills. They can learn about addition, subtraction, fractions, shapes, angles, area, and many other skills.

What has one curved face maths shapes?

A sphere, an ellipsoid, a toroid are some examples.

Use the word parallel in a sentence?

In my maths lesson we had to find out what parallel means and how we can use it with shapes.

How is mathematics involved in making 3d snowflakes?

Because when we cut the shapes it's related to maths

How is maths be different from geography?

maths - graphs, shapes, algebra, numbers and measurements geography - world, earth&atmosphere, tourism, natural disasters and money e.t.c

How is a protractor useful?

A protractor is in the shape of a semi-circle and is used in maths to measure angles in shapes and on lines.

How maths helps in developing video games?

psh listen its because of the angles shapes length with width and other

Maths question shapes what is a sphere?

It is a round 3d shape and it also has only one face. It is the shape of the earth

Is non-verbal reasoning test all about maths?

nope, it's literally looking at shapes and circling a letter.

What is the word that begins with c that is used in maths for shapes?

Are you thinking of circumference? That's what one might call the "perimeter" of a circle.

What 3-d shapes have square bases?

There are infinitely many such shapes. There are infinitely many such shapes. There are infinitely many such shapes. There are infinitely many such shapes.

How do you make a flowchart in math?

Flowchart in maths is made with the help of arrows which represents the direction and shapes like diamond,oval and rectangles.

How many rectangular shapes?

There are infinitely many rectangular shapes.

How many years are in an eternity?


How can you measure irriregular object in maths?

You can use integration - basically dividing the object into lots of small strips, or pieces of some other shapes.

How do you enlarge shapes through the centre of enlargement?

What does s s s mean in maths?

Side, Side, Side. Its usually used in trigonometry when you have to find two shapes that are similar or congruent.

How are maths and music related?

maths is related to music because they both are counted in number that is in maths also, music has many patterns and structure that are standard and they are similar yes, music is counted in maths and maths is counted in maths