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Q: How many shapes can you make with 6 cubes at least one face touching?
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How many shapes can you make with 5 cubes at least one face touching?

With no repetition of shapes (symmetry) we have obtained 26 different combinations.

Do 2d shapes have faces?

yes at least 1 face

What shapes have at least one right angle face in 3d?

sqaure base pyramid

What is intersection of solids?

The intersection of two or more solids can either be an empty set, a point (two cones "intersecting" apex-to-apex), a line (two cubes touching along one edge), a face (two cubes, face-to-face). If the solids are "filled", the overlapping intersection will be another solid. If they are hollow, it will be a closed three dimensional figure.

What is an irregular object?

It means that the shape of the object doesn't fit into a small list of predefined shapes (for which simple formulae for volume and surface area are known). Such a list may typically include shapes like spheres, rectangular boxes, cylinders, pyramids, cones, certain sections (cutouts) of the previous ones, etc.

What 3d shapes that have at least 1 square face?

Square based pyramid, Cube and Cuboid

What shape is a cubes face?


Name three different 3D shapes that can have at least one square face?

Cube Cuboid Sqaure-based Pyramid

What is net of cubes?

poker face on you tube

What solid figure only has 1 face?

no solid figure has only face the only shapes that has 1 face is 2d shapes

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