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A rectangular prism has 6 sides.

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Q: How many side do a rectangler prism have?
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How many faces does a rectangler prism have?

a hexagonal prism has 8 faces!!!! * * * * * While that is true, the question is probably about a rectangular (rectangler!) prism. This is a cuboid, and has 6 faces.

How many edges to a rectangler prism?

it's 9

How many vertices does a rectangler prism has?

there are 8 vertices.

What solid shape can slide?

rectangler prism

What shape is each face of a rectangler prism?

Rectangular !!!

Does a rectangler prism have 9 edges and 5 faces?

No. 1. A triangular prism has 9 edges and 5 faces. 2. A rectangular (not rectangler!) prism is shaped like a box and has 12 edges and 6 faces.

What is the volume of a rectangler prism?

Length x Width x Height

Does a triangle prism have a triangle face?

It has a rectangler face * * * * * Yes, it has two triangular faces, also called bases. And it has three rectangular faces (no such word as rectangler).

How do you spell rectangler prisime?

The correct spelling is "rectangular prism" (sides of the solid are rectangles).

How many edges does a rectangler?

There is no such word as "rectangler". Rectangular, on the other hand, is an adjective and without a related noun in the question it is impossible to answer. For example, there are different numbers of edges on a rectangular plane figure, a rectangular pyramid, a rectangular prism, a rectangular bipyramid.

What is the defention rectangler prisim?

If "defention" = definition,"rectangler" = rectangular"prisim" = prism, thenit is a three dimensional shape whose cross section is a rectangle. It is the shape of a smooth brick or a shoebox.

What is the answer if you have a picture of a rectangler prism and the answers provided are 12 16 10?

Write back when you have the chance, and tell us what the question is ? ? ?

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