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A 5 sided shape is called a pentagon.

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Q: How many side does Pentagon?
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Related questions

A pentagon have how many side?

A pentagon has five sides.

How many side on a pentagon?

A pentagon has 5 sides

How many side does a pentagon?

The shape of a pentagon has a total of five sides.

How many angles is in a pentagon?

There are 5 angles in a pentagon. There are also 5 side in a pentagon.

How many side the pentagon?

saying the question is how many sides on a pentagon, there are 5 sides on a pentagon. (the prefix "penta" means 5)

How many side goes a pentagon have?


How may side does a pentagon?

A pentagon five side.

How many side does an pentagon have?

A pentagon has 5 sides. Penta in latin means 5.

Which side of the pentagon was hit?

the pentagon was hit on the south side.

How many side are in a pentegon?

A pentagon has five sides.

How many equal side does a regular pentagon have?


How many side do pentagon have?

A pentagon has five (5) sides. The root "penta-" means five.

How many side dose a pentgon has?

a Pentagon has 5 sides.

How many lines of symmytrey does a pentagon have?

A regular pentagon has 10 lines of symmetry. This counts the five points of the pentagon as well as the midpoints of each side.

Does a pentagon have all equal sides?

A pentagon has five side and the lengths do not all have to be the same, apentagon which ahs all five side the same is sometimes called a "true pentagon"

How many axes of symmetry does a pentagon have?

it has six three on one side three on the other* * * * * No it does not.An ordinary pentagon has none. It can have 1 or, if it is a regular pentagon, 5.

How many opposite side does a pentagon have?

It should still have five from what I know.

What is a 15 side pentagon called?

Not a pentagon. Penta = 5

What she has 5 side?


What side of the pentagon did flight 77 hit?

The aircraft crashed into the western side of the Pentagon at 09:37.

What does each side of the pentagon in washington dc mean?

Each of the 5 branches of the military has a side of the pentagon.

How many side does Pentagon and hexagon have Because it shows that they both have 6 sides?

A pentagon has 5 sides whereas an hexagon has 6 sides.

What is the perimeter of a regular pentagon with a side length of and radic50?

The perimeter of a regular pentagon is five times the side length.

Is a pentagon a rhombus?

No, a pentagon is a polygon with five side, and a rhombus is always a quadrilateral.

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