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A cube has 6 faces, each is a square with 4 sides. Some of these sides, or edges are shared by other faces. There are 12 edges. The cube has 8 vertices, corners. Each vertex has 3 angles on different faces for a total of 24 angles.

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Q: How many sides and angles do a cube?
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Related questions

Why is a cube a polygon?

It is because a cube has four sides and four angles polygons have four sides and four angles.

How many degrees is a cube?

A cube is made up of 6 sides. Each side has 4 angles,for a total of 24 angles. Since these angles are 90 degree angles, that would mean that there are 2,160 degrees in a cube.

What has matching sides or angles?

a cube

Is a cube a polygon usually have more sides or more angles?

A cube is not a polygon.

How many angles does aoctagon have?

An octagon has 8 sides, 8 vertices, 8 angles, and an octahedron is a cube. By: SupeRMAn

What has 6 sides all sides and angles congruent?

You are describing a rectangular prism or a cube,

How are a cube and a square alike?

Both the cube and square have equal lengths on their sides, not to mention that they both have 90 degree angles.

How many sides of cube?

There are 6 sides on a cube.

Does a cube have 3 right angles?

Nope, a cube has 4 right angles. Mainly because it has 4 sides and HAVE to be equal length, making them all 90 degrees.

If a cube has equal sides what is a solid with 4 right angles but different length sides calleded in geometry?

It wouldn't be a cube if the sides aren't equal in length. It would be called a rectangular prism.

How many angles does a cube have?


How many sides are on a ice cube?

there are six sides on a ice cube

What is the answer to how many sides is on a cube?

A cube has six sides and 12 edges.

How many sides and how many angles does a rectangle have?

Four sides and four angles.

How many angles has a 3D shape cube?

A cube has 6 faces, each having 4 right angles, for a total of 24 angles.

How many sides are on a cube?

A cube has 6 sides or faces. A cube also has 12 edges and 8 vertices.

How many sides does a cube and rectangle have?

cube has 6 sides and a rectangle has four sides

How many sides does cube have?

A cube has 6 sides all of the sides are squares. And a cube also has 12 edges.

How many angles and sides in square?

4 angles and 4 sides

How many sides and angles does triangle have?

3 sides and 3 angles

How many angles and sides does a star have?

10 sides and 10 angles

How many sides and angles does a quadrillateral have?

4 sides and 4 angles

How many right angles altogether are there in all faces of a cube?

there are 24 right angles in all faces of a cube

What is the sum of the interior angles of a cube?

There are 12 Interior Angles in a cube.

What shape has equal sides?

Any regular shapes have equal sides, including squares and equilateral triangles. Irregular shapes can also have equal sides, but not equal angles.