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Q: How many sides are not equal in a kite?
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How many equal sides does a kite have?

A kite has 2 pairs of equal sides.

Are all sides equal on a kite?

NO!!! If all four sides where equal , then you would have a 'Rhombus'. A Kite shape has four sides, two adjacent sides are of equal length.

What quadrilateral has 2 equal sides no parallel sides?

A kite has two pairs of equal-length sides. If that is the question, then kite will satisfy it.

Why a rhombus is not a kite?

A kite does not have four sides of equal length.

Are the opposite sides of a kite equal in length?

yes.otherwise the kite doesn't have the shape of a kite .

Does a a kite have 4 equal sides?

Not usually. In Geometry a kite is defined as a quadrilateral figure having two pairs of equal adjacent sides.

What is the difference in a kite and a paralleaogram?

A parallelogram has parallel sides. A kite does not. It has 2 pairs of sides with equal length but this does not make parallel sides.

Which quadrilateral has two pair of equal sides but no parallel sides?

A kite has two pairs of equal sides with no parallel sides.

Which of these is a polygon kite ellipse semi circle triangular prism?

The answer is a kite because a kite has equal sides!

Is a parallelogram a kite?

No. A kite is a quadrilateral that has two pairs of adjacent equal sides (upper/lower).In a parallelogram, the opposite sides are equal in length. A kite can become a parallelogram in the degenerate case of a rhombus, where the upper and lower sides are equal. This also applies to square kites.No but they are both 4 sided quadrilaterals

Are the opposite angles on a kite the same?

Only if the kite is a rhombus or square. For the kite shape (aka deltoid), only the two sides have equal angles, and their sides are equilateral. The top and bottom angles are not equal.

Four sides two pairs of equal sides no sides parallel it is a?

kite figure