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Assuming that you mean pentagon, and not petagon, the answer is 5.

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Q: How many sides does a petagon shape like?
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How many sides does a petagon have?

1000 trillion (1 quadrillion).

How many more sides does a decagon have then a petagon?

5 genius!

How many Sides to a petagon?

A pentagon is a regular polygon with 5 sides. I hope this helps

How many vertices have a petagon?

pentagon=5, petagon, no idea

How many degrees in a petagon?

Petagon is an airlines approved pet carrier. There are no degrees in it.

How many sides does the us pentagon have?

5 sides just like the shape pentagon

What is the name of the shape has the most sides?

There is no such thing as the shape with the 'most' sides. No matter how many sides you draw a shape with, somebody else can easily come along and draw a shape with one or two or fifty more sides. The more sides a shape has, the more it gets to look like a circle.

What is a shape With 78 sides?

A faucet... Like a diamond which has many reflective surfaces.

What looks like a polygon?

A geometric shape with many sides looks exactly like a polygon.

How many diagonals does the petagon have?

A pentagon is a 5 sided figure.

What is a shape with 2 parellel sides?

There are many shapes with 2 parallel sides. These are generally called quadrilaterals, they are shapes like squares, and rectangles. ================================================= ANY shape with more than 3 sides can have 2 parallel ones. Its name depends on how many sides it has in total..

How many sides does a rhombus?

A rhombus is a bipyramidal shape. A rhombus is more commonly known as a diamond shape. A rhombus has four sides that are equal in length.