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Q: How many sides does a polygon with n vertice have?
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How many sides does a n side polygon have?

An n-sided polygon or n-gon, just like it sounds, has n sides. For example, a 13-sided polygon has 13 sides. A 24-gon has 24 sides.

How many sides does an n-sided polygon have?


How many diagonals does a regular polygon have?

For a polygon with n sides, there would be n*(n-3)/2

How many degrees are in each polygon?

That depends on how many sides the polygon has but in general the number of degrees inside a polygon are: (n-2)*180 = sum of degrees whereas 'n' is the number of sides of the polygon.

How many polygon do we have?

Infinitely many. For each integer n (greater than 2), there is a polygon with n sides or n vertices.

How many parallel sides does a polygon have?

A polygon with n sides can have n pairs of parallel sides (if n is even) or (n-1)/2 pairs if n is odd AND greater than 3. But it need not have any.

How many diagonals does a 20-sides polygon have?

A polygon with n sides had n*(n-3)/2 diagonals. So a 20 sided polygon would have 20*17/3 = 170

How many diagonals are there in a polygon of n sides?


How many sides a n-gon have?

A "n-gon" has n sides.n-gon is a generic term to mean a polygon with 'n' sides where the 'n' is any whole number greater than 3.Examples:a 3-gon is a polygon with 3 sides, normally called a triangle;a 6-gon is a polygon with 6 sides, normally called a hexagon;a n-gon is a polygon with n sides.

How many vertice of a pyrmaid?

A pyramid is a generic term used to describe a polyhedron with a polygonal base and a number of triangles rising from that base to meet at an apex. A pyramid whose base is a polygon with n-sides (or vertices) has n+1 faces, n+1 vertices and 2n edges, where n >= 3.

How many degrees are in a polygon and n amount of sides?

A regular polygon is a polygon whose sides are all the same length, and whose angles are all the same. The sum of the angles of a polygon with n sides, where n is 3 or more, is 180° × (n - 2) degrees.So the amount of sides can vary. 6/8/exc...

how many sides does a regular polygon have if the exterior angle is 15?

by the number of sides, 'n' of that particular polygon. by the exterior angle. Therefore, the number of sides of the polygon is 24 sides.