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A regular pentagon has 5 sides and each interior angle measures 108 degrees not 172 degrees

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Q: How many sides does a regular Pentagon with an interior angle measuring 172 degree s have?
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Which regular polygon has an interior angle whose measure is 108 degree?

hextogonImproved Answer:-A regular pentagon which has 5 sides

What degress is a pentagon?

120 degree interior angles.

What is each interior angle measure of a regular pentagon?

180 degree( 5-2) is the sum of the interior angles. Now divide this by 5 since it is regular and that tells us all the angles have the same measure.

How many sides does a regular polygon have if its each angle is of measure 108 degree?

If each of its interior angles is a measure of 108 degrees then it will have 5 sides and is called a regular pentagon.

How many degree does a pentagon have?

The 5 interior angles of a pentagon add up to 540 degrees

What shape has 45 degree interior angles?

There is no such regular polygon with 45 degree interior angles; the smallest interior angles in regular polygons are 60 degrees, which is found in a triangle.

The degree of rotation symmetry of a pentagon?

a pentagon has rotational symmetry if its a regular pentagon. if you add all 5 sides together you will get 360 degrees

Why cant a regular pentagon be used to create a regular tessellation?

it can tessellate * * * * * NO IT CANNOT! A regular polygon can be used to create a regular tesselation if and only if its interior angle divides 360 degrees. The interior angle of a regular pentagon is 108 degrees, which does not divide 360 degrees so it cannot be used for a regular tesselation. . Three pentagons meeting at a point would cover 3*108 = 324 degrees - not enough to cover the 360 degrees at a point. Meanwhile 4 pentagons would cover 4*108 = 432 degrees - resulting in a 72 degree overlap.

How many sides does a regular polygon have if each exterior angle is 2520 degrees?

An exterior angle of 2520 degrees is impossible. Assuming you mean 252 degrees, this would make each interior angle 108 degrees, as 360- 252 = 108. A regular polygon with 108-degree interior angles has 5 sides, or in other words, it is a regular pentagon.

Which is the measure of one interior angle of a regular triangle?

45 degree

What is the degree measure of each interior angle of a regular triangle?


How many degree is each interior angle of a regular nonagon?

Each interior angle of a regular 9 sided shape measures 140 degrees