How many sides has square box?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: How many sides has square box?
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How many sides does a square box have?

It has six faces.

How many square feet in a box 4.5 inches by 10.5 inches by 23 inches?

The box has three pairs of sides. One pair of sides: 4.5 x 10.5 = 47.25 square inches = 0.328125 square foot each Another pair of sides . . . 4.5 x 23 = 103.5 square inches = 0.71875 square foot each The third pair of sides . . . 10.5 x 23 = 241.5 square inches = 1.677 square foot each So, if you have to paint the box or cover it with carpet, you need to cover 5.448 square feet.

Each side of a box are square. And the sum of the area of the 5 sides is 480.2cm squared. What are the dimensions of the box.?

A box does not have five (5) sides.

How do you calculate square inches for a box?

A three-dimensional box is measured in cubic inches. A two dimensional square is measured in square inches. For a box, multiply length of the three sides in inches. For a square, muliply the two sides.

What has four sides and four corners?

A square box

How many square inches are in a box with width of 7 length of 17 and height of 5?

Bottom = 119 square inches Top = 119 square inches 2 sides = 35 square inches each other 2 sides = 85 square inches each Total = 478 square inches of cardboard to build the box.

What does a square look like?

A square by definition is a box that has four equal sides.

How many square feet are there in a box 4.5 feet long and 23 inches wide?

The bottom of the box has an area of 8.625 square feet.If the box has a lid, its area is the same.In order to calculate the area of the sides of the box, you need to know its height.

What is the mathematical name for a solid box with square sides?


How many sides does a box have?

6 sides.

How many faces has a square?

A face is a flat surface, like the front or top of a box. If you look at a square you will see that there are two sides so there are two faces.

How many sides does a square prism have?

A square prism has six sides