How many sides on rectangles?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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A rectangle is a quadrilateral that has four sides.

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There are 4 sides

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Q: How many sides on rectangles?
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How many sides dose 4 rectangles have?

Do 4 sides times 4 rectangles. So it would be 4x4=16 sides

How many sides are there on two rectangles?

Rectangles must always have 4 sides. As there are two rectangles, there must be 8 sides. However, if these two rectangles have identical sized sides and they are placed against each other so that they look like one rectangle, there will only be 4 sides.

Of the eight of a hexagonal prism how many are rectangles?

The hexagonal prism has six sides that are rectangles.

How many rectangles are in a hexagon?

It has 6 sides

How many sides does a parallelaogram have?

They have four. They are basically slanted rectangles.

How many sides are in four rectangles?

Providing they are not contiguous there are 16

Are some rectangles quadrilaterals?

All rectangles are quadrilaterals. A quadrilateral has 4 sides; all rectangles have 4 sides; thus all rectangles are quadrilaterals.

Do rectangles have adjacent sides that are perpendicular?

yes rectangles do have adjacent sides that are perpindicular..... hope that helps....

Do squares and rectangles have 4 sides of equal length?

Well, squares do have equal sides but rectangles have two pairs of equal sides

Do all rectangles have four congruent sides?

No, only those rectangles that are squares have four congruent sides.

Why rectangles can't be squares?

One of the properties of squares is four equal sides. Rectangles don't have equal sides

Do rectangles have diagonals that are perpendicular?

I think rectangles do not have perpendicular sides. there are some perpendicular sides in a rectangle stupid person