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3 - assuming the trailing 0s are there for a reason.

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Q: How many significant digit are in the measurement 2.00?
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How many of the zeros in the measurement 0.000 040 200 m are significant?

the zero to the left of the decimal is not significant however all zeros after a decimal point are significant. there are 7 significant zeros

How many 2's are there between 200-300?

100 2s for the hundreds digit of 200-30010 2s for the tens digit of 220-23010 2s for the ones digit of 200-300________________________________120 '2s'

How many significant digits are there in 200?


What is 350.0-200 expressed to the correct number of significiant figures?


How many significant figures are in -20.0?

Three (3). Rules for significant figures: 1. Leading zeros are never significant. Leading zeros are ones that come before any other digit, such as the first 0 in 0.1 2. Non-zero digits are always significant. 3. Zeros between two non-zero digits are always significant. In 202, the 0 is significant because of this. 4. Trailing zeros are significant if and only if there is a decimal point. For example, 200 has 1 significant figure, but 200. has 3.

How many significant figures does the number 200 have?


How many significant figures are in 70 200?

There are three.

How do you round to 3 significant digits?

200. The decimal is important because without it, 200 has one significant digit. * * * * * Not correct! 200.601 rounds to 201.

How many of the integers from 1 to 200 contain the digit 1 at least twice?

There are twelve instances where the integers from 1 to 200 contain the digit 1 at least twice:-11,101,110,111,121,131,141,151,161,171,181,191.

How many times digit 9 will occur between 1 to 200?


How many significant figures are there in 200?

Just the one and it is 2

How many inches in 200m?

200 metres is a metric measurement, inches is an imperial unit of measurement. 200 metres is equal to 7874.02 inches. This would round to 7874 inches.