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Q: How many sixes to one hundred and thirty eight?
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How many sixes dhoni hitted in whole career?

He can hit sixes. He hit More than hundred sixes in his career.

How many sixes go into eight hundred seventy five?

6 goes into 875 145 times with a remainder of 5.

How many sixes are in hundred and two?


How many seconds are there in a 1.6 days?

138,240 (one hundred and thirty-eight thousand, two hundred and forty) seconds

How many balls Adam Gilchrist played to reach his hundred in IPL and with how many sixes?

42 balls, 11 sixes

How many people lives in California?

thirty three million eight hundred seventy thousand

How many sixes are in one hundred counting from one?


How many mm from NY to LA?

There is 4 billion, eight hundred twenty-eight million, thirty-two thousand mm from NY to LA

How many sixes are there in thirty six?

6.6 times 6 = 36

How many inches are there in 9 34 feet?

There are exactly 11,208 (eleven thousand two hundred and eight) inches in 934 (nine hundred thirty four) feet.

Eight am to three thirty pm is how many hours all together?

Eight am to three thirty pm is how many hours

Roughly how many subscribers does The Weekly Standard currently have?

The Weekly Standard currently has approximately one hundred fifty seven million three hundred thirty eight thousand one hundred and seventy two subscribers.

How many centimetres in 1.3meters?

One hundred and thirty.

How many sevens are there in six hundred and thirty?


How many thousands are there in one hundred seven thousand two hundred thirty?

107.230 of them.

How many tits on a dog?

Thirty Eight.

How many mile a gallon does Kia Soul get?

Around thirty; i know people who get thirty-five to thirty-eight.

How many zeros are in eight hundred million?


How many times does 333 appear in the bible?

The phrases "three hundred thirty three" and "three hundred and thirty three" do not appear anywhere in the KJV bible.

If you count from one to a hundred how many sixes will there be?

Depends what you mean by "sixes".There are 2 possible answers:9 - There is six, twenty six, thirty six, ..., ninety six.20 - There are the 6s at the end of 6, 16, 26, ..., 96 and the 6s at the beginning of 60, 61, ..., 69.

If you count one to one hundred how many 6's will you pass on the way?

10 sixes and 10 sixty's

How many zero does one hundred thirty million have?


If you count from one to one hundred how many sixes will you pass on the way?

If you mean the actual / literal sixes (as in 6, 16, 26, 36, 46, 56, 66, 76, 86, 96) then you will pass 10 sixes. If you're counting the 60's (60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69) then there are 20 sixes from one to one hundred, assuming 66 is two sixes. If your counting decimals, then the answer is infinite sixes. Again, a duh question. There is only one six!

How many inches are in 2000 miles?

There are 69,840 (sixty-nine thousand, eight hundred forty) inches in a mile. Multiply that by 2,000 (two thousand) miles and you get 139,680,000 (one hundred thirty-nine million, six hundred eighty thousand) inches.

How many ounces equals one thousand three hundred thirty seven pounds?

Google "one thousand three hundred thirty seven pounds to ounces"