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um.. obviously 16 sixteenths equal a whole

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Q: How many sixteens equal a whole?
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How many eights are equal to ten sixteens?


What is sixteens whole number?

Sixteen is, itself, a whole number.

What is the nearest whole percent for fourteen sixteens?

87.5% Round it up to 88%

How many sixteens are in one inch?

16 of them.

How many eighths equal a whole?

eight eighths equal a whole.

How many sixteens notes do you need to make a quarter note?


How many sixteens are in 208?

That simply means to divide 208 / 16.

How many sweet sixteens does Kentucky have?

Less than north Carolina

How many ounces are in one and five sixteens pounds?

21 ounces.

What is three-ones plus four-sixteens equal to in fractions?

3 and 4/16 = 13/4 in its lowest terms

How many tenths equal a whole?

There are 10 tenths in a whole.

What tells how many equal parts there are in the whole?

What Tells How Many Equal Parts There Are In The Whole? Well, I think the answer is... Denominator!!!!!!