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um.. obviously 16 sixteenths equal a whole

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Q: How many sixteens equal a whole?
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How many eights are equal to ten sixteens?


What is sixteens whole number?

Sixteen is, itself, a whole number.

What is the nearest whole percent for fourteen sixteens?

87.5% Round it up to 88%

How many sixteens are in one inch?

16 of them.

How many sixteens are in three fourth?

i need help

How many eighths equal a whole?

eight eighths equal a whole.

How many tenths equal a whole?

There are 10 tenths in a whole.

How many sixteens are in three fourths?

3/4 = 12/16.

How many sixteens notes do you need to make a quarter note?


How many sweet sixteens does Kentucky have?

Less than north Carolina

How many sixteens are in 208?

That simply means to divide 208 / 16.

How many ounces are in one and five sixteens pounds?

21 ounces.

What tells how many equal parts there are in the whole?

What Tells How Many Equal Parts There Are In The Whole? Well, I think the answer is... Denominator!!!!!!

How many eighths is equal to one whole?

8 eighths in a whole

What is three-ones plus four-sixteens equal to in fractions?

3 and 4/16 = 13/4 in its lowest terms

How many sixteenth rests does it take to equal one whole note?

It takes sixteen sixteenth rests to equal one whole note. The names of the notes are such that the name tells you how many of them equal a whole note.

How many half notes equal a whole notes?

Two half notes equal one whole notes.

How do you write four sixteens as a decimal?

Four sixteens is the same as 4 x 16 which equals 64.

how many equal parts are in the whole?

There are an infinite number of equal parts in the whole. If you divide something into four equal parts, there will be four parts in the whole. If you divide something into 100,000 equal parts, there will be 100,00 parts in the whole.

What is the name of the equal parts of a whole pizza?

The answer depends on how many equal parts there are.

How many quarters are equal to one whole?


Does boys have sweet sixteens?


Do One Direction do sweet sixteens?


What is 4 sixteens as a decimal?


How many quarters equal a whole dollar?

4 quarters equals a whole dollar