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There are: 3/6 = 1/2

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Q: How many sixth are equal to one half?
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What does sixth twelfths equal?

one half

What fraction is equal to one half of one third?

one sixth

How is a half equal one sixth?

Half of 1/3 is 1/6

What is one sixth plus one third plus one half equal?


How many one -sixth are in one-half?


How many sixth are in one half?

Three of them.

What does one and one half divided by one sixth equal?


In numbers what does one sixth equal to?

one sixth equal to

What is half on one sixth?

one half of one sixth is one twelfth

How many sixth in a fourth?

one and a half(1.5)

What does two fourth equal?

One half, four eighths, three sixth, etc.

How many sixth is is one half?

[three sixths] are the same amount as [one half]

How many 36th is equal to one sixth?


What is half of one sixth?

Half of one sixth is one twelft or 1/12

What does one sixth to the third equal?

one sixth

Is one sixth equal to one sixth?


How many tablespoons are in one half of 1 3 cup?

"One half of 1/3" is called 'one sixth'. ( One sixth of a cup is 1.333 tablespoons )

What does one half plus two thirds equal?

seven sixths so 1whole and a sixth

Is one sixth equal to three sixth?

no! >:-\

Half of one third is one sixth?

a third of one half is equal to a sixth, because ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- yes because when you turn 1/3 into 2/6 you do 2/6 - 1/6= 1/6

What is five sixth minus one half?

One half = three sixth, so the answer is two sixth.

What is least to greatest from one third one sixth and one half?

One sixth, one third and one half.

What is one sixth of a yard?

A sixth of a yard is 6 inches.

How many square feet equal one sixth acre?

One acre is equal to 43,560 square feet. Therefore, one sixth of an acre is equal to 43,560 / 6 = 7,260 square feet.

How many ninths equal one sixth?