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There are nine sixths because one whole equals six sixths and one half equals three sixths. So, six sixths plus three sixths equals nine sixths!

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Q: How many sixths are in 3 halves?
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How many sixths are in three halves?


What is 3 sixths - 2 sixths?

3 sixths - 2 sixths = 1

How many halves in 3 halves?


How many halves in three halves?


How many halves are there in six-fourth?

3 halves

What is seven thirds minus three halves?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 7/3 - 3/2 = 5/6 or five sixths.

How many sixths are there in 3 wholes?


How many sixths make a half?


How many sixths are in half?

There are 3 because 3/6 = 1/2

How many halves are there in three wholes?

3 x 2 = 6 halves

How many sixths in one and one third?

There are 8 sixths in 1 and 1/3. (One whole and 2 sixths) 1 1/3 = 4/3 4/3 = 8/6

How many sixths make up three whole?

6 sixths make a whole so 3 wholes would be 6 X 3 = 18 18 sixths make 3 wholes

What fraction strips besides halves could you refold to make twelfths?

Thirds, fourths and sixths.

How many halves are in 3 and five tenths?

7 halves

How many sixths does five and three sixths have?

33 sixths

What is the answer to seven sixths take away five sixths?

Two sixths or 1/3

How many one-halves are in three and five tenth?

7 3 and 5/10 = 3 and 1/2 There are 6 halves in 3, plus the extra.

How many sixths are in three wholes?

There are 18 sixths in 3 wholes.6 sixths = 1 whole. 6 X 3 = 18.

How many times does 3 sixths go into 3?

It goes 6 times.

How many halves are in 3 and 5 over 10?

Since there are 6 halves in 3, and 5/10 is exactly half, there are seven halves in 3 and 5/10.

How many eights are the same as 3 sixths?

Three sixths is a half, which would be the same as four eighths

How many halves are in one and one-half?


How many halves in one and a half?


How many halves are in 3 wholes?


How many one halves are in 3?


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