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56 of them.

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Q: How many sixty-fourths would seven eighths equal?
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How many seventy-seconds would seven eighths equal?

Seven eighths equals sixty-three seventy-seconds.

Which is greater 7 eighths or 7 ninths?

seven eighths would be larger

Is 7 eighths greater than 5 tenths?

Yes, seven eighths is greater than five tenths. Five tenths, or one half, expressed in eighths would be four eighths. Since seven is greater than four, seven eighths is greater than four eighths (or five tenths). One easy way to know is use a calculator and do the division (seven divided by eight, and five divided by ten); in decimal form the higher value may be more quickly apparent when compared.

Is seven eighths bigger than three eighths?

Yes, if you had eight apples and you gave someone seven of them you would only have one left. However if you had eight apples and you gave someone three of them you would still have five apples left.

How much is 1 eighths add a halve?

That would be 5 eighths. Since 1/2 is equal to 4 eighths, you simply add 1 and 4 together to make five. (The eighths part stays the same)

How would you draw three and seven eighths?

3 7/8

How do convert seven eighths to decimals?

You do 7 divided by 8, which would get you the answer .875

Would three one eighth teaspoon equal three fourth teaspoon?

Um... Three one eighth teaspoons do not equal a three fourth teaspoon. Think about it. Three one eighth teaspoons equal three-eighths and three-eighths are not equivalent to a three fourth teaspoon.

How would you work out seven eighths of 32?

32/8 = 4, 4 x 7 = 28

How many degrees is 0.875 turn?

That would be 7/8 (seven-eighths) of 360 degrees, which would be 315 degrees. Hope this helps!

How many one-eighths would equal the sum of 48 one-halves and 36 one-fourths?


How does eight eights equal to 2?

Eight eighths, or 8/8, does not equal to two, it equals to 1. 8/8 reduced would be 1/1, or simply, 1.

Four eighths of a circle is what percent?

four eighths would be one half or 50%

Which number would be to the right of 7 and nine tenths on a number line is it 7 and ten twelfths or 7 and seven eighths or 7 and twenty-five thirtieths or 7 and ten elevenths?

Seven and ten elevenths.

What is three and seven eighths subtract two fifths round to the nearest half or whole?

The answer is 39/40 - so rounding to the nearest would yield the answer 3.

What fraction would come after five eighths on a number line divided into eighths?


How many eighths of an inch is one-half inch?

There are eight eighths in one inch. Therefore, in half an inch, there would be four eighths.

How many stones does seven pounds equal?

A stone is a measure of weight in England that is equal to 14 pounds, or 6.35 Kilograms. Seven pounds would be one half stone.

How many sixy-thirds would seven ninths equal?


How many inches are in 7yard?

One yard is equal to three feet. Three feet is equal to 36 inches. This would mean that you have to multiply seven by 35. That is equal to 245 inches. Seven yards is 245 inches.

How would you write seven and seven-thousandths in decimal form?

Expressed as a decimal, 7 7/1000 is equal to 7.007.

How many sixty fourths would seven eight ths equal?

56 of them.

What would four eighths be as a percentage?


How many eighths are in five eighths?

One eighth is 1/8. Two eighths (2/8) is two one eighths, that is, (1/8) + (1/8) or 2 x (1/8). So five eighths (5/8) would be five one eighths, that is, (1/8) + (1/8) + (1/8) + (1/8) + (1/8) or 5 x (1/8). There are five eighths (1/8) in five eighths (5/8).

How would you write seven hundred thousandths?

Expressed as a proper fraction, this is equal to 700/1000. Expressed as a decimal fraction, this is equal to 0.7.