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y2 there will me many solutions

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Q: How many solutions in y2?
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What are the solutions to the equation y2 equals 169?

y2 = 169 Square root both sides: y = 13

What is y2 plus y2?

y2 + y2 = 2y2

How many solutions exist for x2 plus y2 equals 2 assuming x and y are positive integers?

X2 + Y2 = 2X = sqrt(2 - Y2)Y can not be greater than 2 or a complex number would be yielded from under the radical. So, - infinity to 2, or something like that for Y's value.Same procedure for X.

What is y times y?


Is y2 equals x2 a function?

No, because there is more than one solution: y2 = x2 y = ±(x2)1/2 y = ±x Because there are multiple solutions for a single value of x, this does not qualify as a function.

How do you graph y squared equals negative 3x using a TI-83 plus calculator?

To graph y2 = -3x, first solve for y. Doing this results in two solutions: y = √(-3x) and y = -√(-3x) Put the first solution into y1 and the second solution into y2. The two solutions together should form a sideways parabola.

What is the gcf of y6 y2 y9?

The GCF is y2.

What are the solutions to the simultaneous equations of 2x plus y equals 5 and x squared -y squared equals 3?

If: 2x+y = 5 and x2-y2 = 3 Then the solutions work out as: (2, 1) and ( 14/3, -13/3)

What is y to the 8th power as an product in four different was with only positive exponents?

y6 x y2 y4 x y4 y2 x y2 x y4 y2 x y2 x y2 x y2

The circle is centered at the origin and the length of its radius is 8 What is the circle's equation?

The equation of a circle centered at the origin is x2 + y2 = r2; in this case, x2 + y2 = 64.The equation of a circle centered at the origin is x2 + y2 = r2; in this case, x2 + y2 = 64.The equation of a circle centered at the origin is x2 + y2 = r2; in this case, x2 + y2 = 64.The equation of a circle centered at the origin is x2 + y2 = r2; in this case, x2 + y2 = 64.

What is the fermat last theorem?

That there are no whole number solutions to the equation: xn + yn = zn when n > 2. If n = 2 this is: x2 + y2 = z2 is known as Pythagoras' Theorem, and has many whole number solutions, eg 32 + 42 = 52, 52 + 122 = 132.

What is 4x-y2?

4x-y2 = 2

What are the steps to get y2 plus 4y-12 equals 0?

y2 + 4y -12 = 0 y2 + 6y - 2y -12 = 0 y(y + 6) -2(y +6) = 0 (y -2) x (y + 6) = 0 Hence (y-2) is zero which gives y = 2 or (y + 6) is zero which gives y = -6 The roots or solutions to the equation y2 + 4y -12 = 0 are y = 2 and y = -6

How do you solve (x y2)(x-y2)?


What is the greatest common factor of y2 and y5?

It is: y2

What are the coordinates for x2 plus y2 equals 185 and x plus y equals 17?

We believe that those equations have no real solutions, and that their graphs therefore have no points of intersection.

What is 3y times y?

3y2 y x y = y2 3 x y2 = 3y2

What is y squared multiplied by y cubed?

y to the power of 5 ---- y2 x y3 = y2+3 = y5

What are the solutions to the simultaneous equations of 3x -y equals 5 and 2x2 plus y2 equals 129?

The solutions work out as: x = 52/11, y = 101/11 and x = -2, y = -11

Design an algorithm for finding integer solutions for equations of the form x2 y2 n where n is some given positive integer Determine the time complexity of your algorithm?

yea me too dude. Mahleko :(

Solution to the following system of equations 5x2 - 2y2 equals -20 7x2 - y2 equals 152?

5x2 - 2y2 = -20 7x2 - y2 = 152 Eq1 - 2*Eq2: -9x2 = -324 so that x2 = 36 Substituting the value of x2 in Eq1: 2y2 = 200 so that y2 = 100 The four solutions are (-6, -10), (-6, 10), (6, -10) and (6,10)

What is 66-3y plus y2 from 88 plus 5y-y2?

88 + 5y - y2 66 - 3y + y2 Subtract: 22 + 8y -2y2

What is the reciprocal of y to the negative 2 power?

The expression Y-2 is 1/Y2. The reciprocal of 1/Y2 is Y2.

What is the result of isolating y2 in the equation below (x plus 4) plus y2 22?


What is the expansion for x2 plus y2?

There is no expansion for x2 + y2