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A Pyramid is a shape called a pyramid, there are no spheres in a triangulare shape.

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Q: How many spheres are in a pyramid?
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What is a pyramidal number sequence?

It is a sequence of numbers that represents how many spheres you would have in a pyramid of different heights.

How many edges and vertices does a square pyramid have?

A Pyramid by definition has a square foundation, four sides each in the form of a triangle rising to terminate in a point. So, explain square pyramid. In mathematics a pyramid number, or square pyramidal number is a figurate number that represents the number of stacked spheres in a pyramid with a square base. Therefore on the top of the pyramid will be one sphere, underneath that will be four spheres, underneath that will be 9 spheres and underneath that will be 16 spheres. The numerical progression will be 1 - 4 - 9 - 16. So take any slice though a pyramid (side to side that is) and you will have a top, a bottom and four sides

How do you find the area of a pyramid's base?

well at the bottom there is proberly two round spheres so what you do is you is times the spheres by the area of the pyramids base to find out how big it is. ^^this guy is trolling where is there a sphere in a pyramid

How many spheres does earth have?

Earth has 3 spheres. Atmosphere, troposphere, ethosphere

How many are there in a pyramid?

there are 17 in as pyramid.

How many corners does a pyramid?

A pyramid has.

How many axes of symmetry do spheres have?


How many edge of sphere?

Spheres have no edges.

How many edges does spheres have?

there are zero edges

How many blocks were used in a pyramid?

There are many blocks in a pyramid

How many faces are on a pyramid?

a triangular pyramid

How many flat surfaces do a pyramid has?

It depends on what type of pyramid. Their is an square pyramid, a rectangular pyramid, a pentagonal pyramid, etc.

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