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Q: How many sq. ft. will a 60000 output furnace heat?
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When buying a furnace is it better to have 80000 btu or 60000 btu in Michigan?

The BTU output requirements of your furnace must be determined by heat load and heat loss calculations on the area that is heated. You should consult several HVAC contractors for estimates and recommendations.There are many factors that influence the BTU requirements of a furnace in any location.

How many square feet does 48000 BTU heat in a gas furnace?

48,000 input or output? If 48K is the input to an 80% efficient furnace, than the output would only be 38,400. It also depends on where the house is located, because 48K will heat a much larger house in Miami than it would in Minneapolis. You need to post more info to get a worthwhile answer. But to give you an idea I heat 1000 sq ft in NJ easily with a 52,500 80% efficient furnace which yields 42,000 output.

How many BTU to heat a 1400 sq ft house?


How many BTUs does your TWE018C140A0 TRANE furnace have?

The BTU input and output ratings are on the same tag as the model #.

How do you figure how big a furnace do to heat a home?

You take the size of your home in square feet and times it by how many rooms you have. A 70,000 BTU furnace will heat a house 1600 square feet.

How many milliseconds is 60000?

It depends on 60000 what!

How are houses heated?

Many different ways, examples include: electric furnace heat pump gas furnace kerosene furnace wood stoves boiler setups passive solar and the list goes on.

How many sq ft will 120000 btu furnace heat?

2500sq ft in northern climate

How many miles is 60000 km?

Answer: 60000 km = 37,282.3 mi.

How many btu furnace to heat a 3200 sq ft home in upstate NY?

A general rule of thumb in estimating the size of furnace needed to heat a home is to find the square footage of the home, and multiply that by 45 BTU (British Thermal Unit). For a 3200 square foot home a furnace somewhere in the range of 144,000 BTU would be a reasonable estimation of the furnace size needed to heat the home. To find the most efficient furnace for any given home, however, it would be best to contact an HVAC professional who can perform a load-calculation.

How hot should a furnace be?

It depends on the type of furnace and the manufacturer.

How many square feet does a 40000 btu heater heat?

Will a 40,000 btu furnace be enough to heat my 1375 square foot middle unit town house.