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There cannot be square feet in an inch. One is an area unit and one is a length unit. Square feet belong to square inch.

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Q: How many sq ft in an inch?
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How many inch is one sq ft?


How many square in and square ft is the end section of a 6 inch pipe?

28.26 sq in 196 sq ft

If a room is 208 sq ft how do you figure how many 12 inch square blocks it would take to do the room?

A 12 inch square block is a sq ft, so 208.

How many 1313 inch tile dose it takes to cover a 952sqft?

(952 sq ft x 144sq in/sq ft) /(13x13 sq in) = 811.17 tiles

How many square feet in a 17 inch by 17 inch tile?

2.007 sq ft

How many 18 x 18 tile for 400 square feet?

One 18 inch x 18 inch tile = 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft = 2.25 sq ft.400 sq ft x 1 tile/2.25 sq ft = 177.77 = 178 tiles

How many yards of gravel to cover 450 sq ft?

3" inch depth covers 108 sq ft so 450 sq ft and 3" depth = 4.5 yard aprx

How many sq ft are in 3556 linear feet?

this problem cannot be answered as Sq feet and linear ft are two separate measurements. Sq ft measure area, and linear feet measure distance. It is like asking how many acres are in an inch.

How many 13x13 inch tiles needed for 290 sq ft?


How many square feet is 11.8 inch diameter?

0.76 sq ft.

How many sq ft are there in a 20 inch tile?

A square 20-inch tile is 2.78 square feet.

How many feet are there in a sq mt?

There are ...( 10.76391 sq. ft. ) or if you want a perimeter: There are 13 ft 1.5 in. The length of a meter is 3 ft 3 and 3/8 of an inch.

How many square feet is 24 inch circle?

a 24 inch circle is a 2 ft diameter circle, or a 1 ft radius circle. the area of a circle is pi * r squared, so 1 ft squared is 1 sq ft. Times pi (=3.14159) is 3.14159 sq ft

How many bags of 5 cubic ft to cover 95 square ft at 2 inch depth?

Volume required = 95 sq ft * 2 inch = 95 sq ft * 1/6 sq ft = 95/6 cu ft = 15.833... cu ft. So number of bags @5 cu ft reqd = 15.833.../5 = 3.166... bags ie 4 bags.

How many square feet in kitchen size 16'10 X 13'4?

i think 2660 sq inch 18.47222 sq ft.

What is 76 inch x 53 inch in square feet?

76 inch * 53 inch = 73/12 ft * 53/12 ft = 27.9722... sq ft

How many 12 inch tiles do you need for a 5X6 foot room?

each tile is 1 sq ft and room is 6x5=30 sq ft so you need 30tiles

How many half inch tiles fit in 1 sq feet?

There would be 4 of the 1/2" tiles in each sq inch since 12"x12" = one sq ft There are 144 sq inches in a sq foot

How do you know how much tiles you need to tile a floor 6 ft by 8 ft using 6 inch tiles?

Length (ft) x Width )ft) = Area (sq ft); 8 x 6 = 48 sq ft; Assuming the 6-inch tiles are square, then 4 tiles = 1 sq ft Multiply 48 sq ft x 4 tiles per sq ft to determine: 48 x 4 = 192 tiles

How many yards of sand to cover 500 sq feet 1 inch deep?

500 sq ft X 1/12 ft / 27 cubic ft./cubic yard = 1.5 cubic yards

How many yards do you have if you have 814 sq ft with 4 inch thick?

A little over 10.

How many 12 inch blocks will it take to cover a 225 sq ft surface?


How many 18x18 inch tiles do you need to cover 210 sq ft?

94 (93.33)

How many possible designs get you get with 18 square feet?

thousands 1 inch by 216 feet is 18 square feet 2 inhes wide by 108 feet is 18 sq ft jsut as 2 ft x 9 ft is 18 sq ft and 3 ft x 6 ft is 18 sq ft.l

How do you find how many more square feet a 30 in circle is than a 18 in circle?

Area of 30 inch circle = pi*302 sq inches Area of 18 inch circle = pi*182 sq inches Difference = pi*(302 - 182) = 576*pi sq inches 1 sq foot = 1 ft*1 ft = 12 inches*12 inches = 144 sq inches so 576*pi sq inches = 576/144 *pi sq ft = 4*pi sq ft = 12.57 sq ft.