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Turkey - 302,535 square miles.

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Q: How many sq miles across of Turkey?
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Which countries are the same size as Turkey?

Chile is slightly smaller than Turkey and Mozambique is slightly larger than Turkey. Turkey is 302,535 sq. miles, Chile is 292,183 sq. miles and Mozambique is 309,496 sq. miles.

What is the area of Turkey?

300,000 sq miles

How many miles is it across Arizona?

Total land area: 113,635 sq mi. It is 310 miles across Arizona, approximately.

What is Turkey's area in square miles?

Turkey's total land and water area is 302,535 square miles.

Length and area are 2 different units of measure-area is still so many feet across and down how many ft is 1 sq mi across- if Ohio is 90000sq mi's and the US is only 2000mi's-they cant be 1mi across?

Firstly, Ohio is not 90000 sq miles but 41,000 sq miles. Nor is the US only 2000 miles. But supposing they were. The 90,000 sq miles area need not be is the shape of a rectangle of 1 mile * 90,000 miles. It could be a square of 300 miles * 300 miles - well within the 2000 miles limit that you imposed.

How many sq miles is Quebec?

595,391 sq. miles

How many sq miles is France?

260,558 sq miles

How many sq miles is GA?

59425 sq miles

How many France sq miles?

260,558 sq miles

How many Florida sq miles?

65,795 sq. miles.

1250 sq miles is how many sq km?

1,250 sq miles = 2,011.7 sq kilometres

How many sq miles is Newfoundland?

Newfoundland - 156,453 sq miles