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Air vents are placed based on the required cfm load calculation per room not necessarily set at specific square feet apart. But you need to make sure that supply and return air are not close to each other. Supply air vents should be placed close to outside walls and return air close to interior central walls.

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Q: How many square feet apart should you place vents?
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Where should floor vents heating to be place?

in the floor.

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What sentence is useful in vents?

Vents should be cross ventilated in homes. This is an example sentence for vents.

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Where in a room should vents be placed for central air conditioning?

In my opinion where the supply vents are located is not as important as where the return air vents are located. the supply vents should be located towards the outer walls if possible. the return air vents should be located towards the center of the dwelling if possible. every effort should be made to get the return air vents as high as possible on the wall , if not in the ceiling.Remember you are trying to get the warm air back to the a-coil so it can be pumped outside through the refrigeration lines to the condensing unit. if the ductwork is used for heating also you should put some return air vents down low to get the cool air to the furnace. This is my personal opinion and may not be everyones.

Where should you locate the AC vents in a room for maximum cooling and efficiency?

Vents should be situated near windows. Windows that are north or west facing should get a vent before a south or east facing window would get one. (Assuming that the vents also supply heat.)

Where should vents be placed-ceiling or floor for AC?

should be on floor.

Should ceiling vents be directed towards the window or the room?

Thanks for answering the question Should ceiling vents be directed towards the window or the room? NOT

Exterior plumbing stack vents should be where?

Vents should be on the highest point of the stack and preferably on the wall outside and not in ducts, this due to future maintenance and ease of installation.

How often should you have your vents cleaned in your home?


Do all homes have soffit vents?

No, but they all should have.

Should vents on crawl space be open in winter?


Should air vents at crawl space be open on a house during summer?

Yes, especially if you live in an area where the humidity is higher. The vents allow moisture in the air to escape from under your house. Moisture trapped under your house can cause mold and floor rot. The vents should always be open a little. This is to ensure you don't get a sick home and so the air circulates through the house. That's if these are hvac vents. If the vents go to the outside, they should always be closed.

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Should heating vents be placed near the floor or near the ceiling of the room?

Heating vents should be placed near or on the floor in a room because heat travels up not down.

How do you remove ac vents on F150?

The Ford F1 50 air conditioning vents are held in place by four retaining clips. Pry outward on each retaining clip. All of the air conditioning vents can be removed this way.

What can you do if you can't get heat from the rear upper vents in your 2001 Sienna?

I believe the upper vents are for A/C only. The floor vents are for the Hot air. Test your ceiling controls by moving the knob from cold to hot, you should hear the air pass from upper vents to lower vents. Providing of course you have selected REAR from the front control panel.

In order to heat a room should heating vents be placed near the floor or near the ceiling of the room?

Heating vents should be located near the floor since hot air rises. If the heating vents are located near the ceiling the heat would stay there and not warm the room.

I have a 93 is blowing cold out of the defogger vents and floor vents under dashbut no air is coming out of the four vents on the dash.What should i do?

You need to pop your hood and check your vaccum lines should be by the passenger side should be little tubes and stuff with a TT piece maybe running by your engine or possibly into your firewall !! - Phat-Boi

How cold should the air be blowing out of the vents when the central AC unit is running properly?

There should be at least a 12 degree split between the incomming air and the air comming out of the vents.

Which method of roof ventilation is recommended for a small house with central heating?

It is recommended that you have both intake vents and exhaust vents. Most do it yourself sites recommend soffit vents for the intakes. Exhaust vents vary in both type and cost. For smaller houses the most recommended type is a ridge vent system. The number you will need depends on the square footage of your attic.

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