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Q: How many square feet in 70 square yards?
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How many square feet is 70 yards?

630 square feet in 70 square yards

How many square feet are in 70 yards of carpet?


How many square yard do you need to cover 630 square feet?

630 square feet = 70 square yards.

How many yards in 10 feet x 20 feet?

There is more than one way to work this out, here is an example, multiply 7 feet by 10 feet to get the answer in square feet, in this case it's 70 square feet, there are 9 square feet in a square yard, so divide 70 by 9 to get the answer, which is approx 7.78 square yards (7.77777778 square yards exactly)

How much is 630sq ft in yards?

630 square feet is 70 square yards.

A field is 140 yards long and 70 yards wide What is the area in square feet?

The area in square feet is FAIL.

What is 70 sq feet in square yards and square inches?

First we must visualize an area of 70 square feet. One of these visualizations is a 7x10 foot area. In square yards, 7/310/3=70/9 square yards. In inches, 70144=10080 square inches.

How many feet are in 70 yards?

3 feet = 1 yard. 70 feet = 23 yards 1 foot.

How many ft in 70 sq yards?

There are three feet in a yard. A square a yard long and a yard wide would be three feet on each side and contain nine square feet. 1 sq yd = 3 ft X 3 ft = 9 sq ft... If there are nine square feet in one square yard, then there would be nine times seventy square feet in seventy square yards. 9 X 70 = 630 There are 630 square feet in seventy square yards.

How many yards are in 70 square feet by 4 inches deep?

One cubic yard covers 81 square feet 4 inches thick.

How many yards in 70 ft?

3 feet = 1 yard so 70 feet = 70/3 = 231/3 yards.

How many yards is in 70 feet?